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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Challenge Summary 2010

As this year is coming to an end, I am realizing that I didn’t do challenge wrap up posts for many of the challenges that ended throughout the year. So I figured I would wrap them all up now – and there are quite a few, so let’s get started.

Women’s Murder Club Challenge hosted at Socrates Book Review blog. As of the date this challenge ended, I had finished reading the first 7 books in this 9 book series. My goal was to finish the first 8 – so I missed my goal a little bit. But as of today, I have finished all 9 of the books and can now wait patiently for book 10.

French Revolution Mini Challenge hosted at Mini Challenges Hosted by Becky. All I had to do was read two books or watch two movies set during the French Revolution. And somehow it took me almost the entire year to do it. I decided to split this one – one book (The Queen’s Dollmaker by Christine Trent) and one movie (Goya’s Ghosts). Challenge Complete.

2010 Read Your Own Books Challenge hosted by MizB. I set my goal to read 12 of my own books this year – essentially one per month. I came up a little short on this one, but it was still a great effort. I managed to read 10 this year – and although that sounds really low, I’m actually impressed that I read that many with my tight review schedule. I’m going to work more next year on reading some of my own. But at least I haven’t added to my own books too much this year.

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge originally hosted by Royal Reviews. This one was cake to finish. I chose the highest level (Obsessed) and easily cleared the required 20 books. With Hist-Fic being my genre it was a fun one. I will certainly take part again next year. Challenge Complete.

2010 Audiobook Challenge originally hosted by Royal Reviews. This was another one that didn’t take me long to complete. I spend over 2 hours a day on the road commuting to and from work so audiobooks really help keep my attention. I also have been able to read books from different genres that I have wanted to read for awhile. I would try this again next year. Challenge Complete.

ARC Reading Challenge hosted by So Many Precious Books So Little Time. The goal of this challenge was basically to read all the ARC’s that you have but there were different accomplishment levels. I completed the highest level (Gold) by reading and reviewing more than 25 books. I completed 32 ARC’s this year. While I didn’t finish all of the books that I have to review, I met the top accomplishment. This is another I would join again. Challenge Complete.

2010 Royal Mistress Challenge hosted by The Misadventures of Moppet. I chose the Maid of Honor level to read 3 books about Royal Mistresses (real or fake). I did read three – all about real mistresses. I read: Royal Harlot and The Countess and the King by Susan Holloway Scott and For the King’s Favor by Elizabeth Chadwick. This one was a fun challenge to find books that fit this category. I might do this again next year. Challenge Complete.

Jean Plaidy Challenge 2010 hosted by Plaidy’s Royal Intrigue. I am going to say right up front that I failed miserably at this one. I didn’t even read one Plaidy this year – not a one – and that is really sad because I have so many on my shelf for me to read. I am embarrassed at the results of this one.

French Historicals Oh La La Challenge hosted by Enchanted by Josephine. The goal of this challenge is to read historical fiction or non-fiction set in France or about French people. There were several reading levels and I started out setting my goal low. I started at the 3 book La Princesse level – but by April 24th I knew I was going to finish that goal quickly so I upped it to the 9 book La Reine. I didn’t think that I had completed this challenge – that I had missed it by one book, but then as I was going back over my reading list, I noticed I missed one and did indeed complete the challenge. Challenge Complete

Four Month Challenge Part 3 hosted by (at that time) She Read a Book. The goal was to complete each reading category to try to earn as many points as possible. Out of 250 points I earned 180 points. Not a terrible effort and it was better than my results during Part 2.

Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge hosted by Home Girl’s Book Blog. The goal of the challenge is to read as many of the books that you have left to finish in the series. I hadn’t started the series yet at that time, and I have managed to read two so far. Very far from the whole series, but I am realistic and didn’t think I would finish them all. But I will keep working on it.

Art History Reading Challenge hosted by The Art History Reading Challenge. I love reading art history novels – there is just a whole separate level that goes beyond just the historical novel in my opinion. I had originally set my goal at the lowest (Curious) level and finished the three books very early on in the year, so I upped my level to 6 (Fascinated). I only managed to read 5 out of the 6, but because it is more than my original goal, I am going to count this one as complete. Challenge Complete.

Four Month Challenge Part 4 hosted by She Read a Book. The rules were the same as Part 3 (except with different categories). I finished 115 out of 250 points – much lower than last time, but oh well. I am still going to compete in Part 5.

Overall, a great challenge success rate.

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  1. Congrats on a great reading year! It really doesn't matter if the results don't quite turn out like we expect -- making time for reading is all a good thing. Looking forward to seeing what you read this year. :)

  2. I'm impressed. You did really well. I haven't attempted any blog challenges. My challenge here at home to read all these books I have been acquiring over the years to make room for the really good ones I am finding out about now.

  3. Joanne - I agree. My challenges are always on the periphery. I read what I intend to read and if it happens to fall into a certain challenge- great - if not - that's fine too. I do tend to tailor my audiobooks to the challenges a little more.

    Librarypat - Thanks - I'm actually impressed with my results too, I didn't think I would do that well. I too need to read more from my own shelves - and that is a goal for this year, but I didn't want to actually join that challenge this year because it is one I am more likely to fail, haha.

  4. Good job at finishing all those challenges!

    We are hosting the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge at Historical Tapestry this year if you are interested in signing up for that one again.

  5. Great reading challenges that you chose, and congrats on all the reading you accomplished!!


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