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Monday, January 24, 2011

Guest Post by Jennifer Donnelly - Author of Revolution

Today I have the great opportunity to present here the wonderful Jennifer Donnelly. I had the opportunity to meet Jennifer briefly at BEA last May and she was very nice. She has written a post for us today about why she writes YA fiction.

Why I Write YA Fiction

Guest Post by Jennifer Donnelly, Author of 

I write YA fiction because by doing so, I hope to inspire teenagers to think about the world and about how they fit into it. I hope to make them feel – to feel the urgency and beauty of their unique talents and dreams, as my character Mattie does in A Northern Light. And I hope to inspire in them the confidence and courage to create – like Andi and Alex do in Revolution.

Teenagers are constantly being sold. I want them to step back from the relentless din and distraction of advertising and spend some time with their own imaginations.

I want to tell them: Imagination is power and what power you have. Each and every one of you. So put it to use. With words and stories. With music. With paint. A sewing machine. A camera. A blog. The world doesn’t belong to Itunes or Pixar or Rockstar Games. The world belongs to you and to the power and beauty of your imagination. So please don’t go through life just watching. Just sitting on the sofa. Just shlepping through the mall buying all the stuff somebody else made. Make something beautiful yourself. Do something meaningful. Block out the world’s noise and listen to your own voice. It’s worthwhile, it’s important...and it’s all you’ve got.
You can visit Jennifer at her website to learn more about her and her books.

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  1. That's a beautiful explanation. I hope that teenagers who read YA fiction see this.

  2. Wonderful guest post -- Ms Donnelly articulates exactly why I loved YA fiction as a teen. It was escapist, yes, but the best YA books were those that had real, hard, honest truths that made feel like I was the heroine. My favorite YA writers inspired me to write -- I'm so thrilled Ms Donnelly is continuing that trend.

    Thanks for this!

  3. Irena and Audra - I thought it was so well said in the most concise way. I think those are the reasons many of us started reading!

  4. Youth today are pulled on so many different directions it is hard for them to decide who they are. It is a hard enough for them and many feel they are the only ones to feel this way. Your books and other good YA fiction give them some space to think plus they show them they aren't the only ones that have already or will have to face the trials of growing up.

    Nice post.


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