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Two Sides to Every Story

Calling All Authors!!

Do you have a historical event/person/arguement in your WIP or new release that can be viewed from two different perspectives? Maybe a battle (Norman Conquest from perspective of Saxons and Normans) or a pretender to the throne (Was he Perkin Warbeck or the Duke of York?). Submit your idea via email to dolleygurl@hotmail.com for a guest post for my Two Sides to Every Story feature! All I ask is that the historical topic you choose be discussed from two different perspectives.  

Upon agreement to the feature we will select a date for the guest post to go live and I will share any pertinent links you would like as well as info about your release.  

For an excellent example of a previous Two Sides guest post, check out this one written for The Maiden's Court by Piers Alexander on William of Orange vs. James II: http://themaidenscourt.blogspot.com/2014/08/two-sides-to-every-story-william-of.html.  
I am ideally looking for 12 posts, 1 a month, however if there are more submissions that can probably be accommodated.

Looking forward to working with you!!

Upcoming Posts in 2016:

March 16th: Guest Post by Annie Whitehead

April 26th: Guest Post by Hunter S. Jones

May 10th: Guest Post by Deborah Swift

June 28th: Guest Post by Anna Castle

September 20th: Guest Post by Mercedes Rochelle

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