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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Suddenly Sunday - Quick Stop

Happy Sunday everyone! I just wanted to take a couple quick minutes to let you know what's coming up around here over the next two weeks.

This week is mostly reviews - the newest episode of the American Experience - Dinosaur Wars, Princess of Nowhere by Lorenzo Borghese, and the HBO series The Pacific.

Next week we have the YA Historical Fiction week here. All week you will be treated to guest posts by various YA authors (including Esther Friesner, Lisa Klein, Jennifer Donnelly, and Susanne Dunlap) as well as giveaways and other information. This is something you won't want to miss.

Also, speaking of American Experience - new episode tomorrow, 1/17 on PBS (check local listings for time) - Dinosaur Wars. Here is some info:

"In the summer of 1868, paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh boarded a Union Pacific train for a sight-seeing excursion through the heart of the newly-opened American West. While most passengers simply saw magnificent landscapes, Marsh soon realized he was traveling through the greatest dinosaur burial ground of all time. Ruthless, jealous and insanely competitive, Marsh would wrestle over the discovery with the other leading paleontologist of his generation -- Edward Drinker Cope. Over time, the two rivals would uncover the remains of dozens of prehistoric animals, including over 130 dinosaur species, collect thousands of specimens, provide ample evidence to prove Charles Darwin's hotly disputed theory of evolution and put American science on the world stage. But their professional rivalry eventually spiraled out of control. What began with denigrating comments in scientific publications led to espionage, the destruction of fossils and political maneuvering that ultimately left both men alone and almost penniless."

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  1. I'll be looking forward to your thoughts on The Pacific and Princess of Nowhere. I will be reading Princess of Nowhere soon; very excited about it. Have a wonderful week, Heather!

    Thanks for participating in Suddenly Sunday :)

  2. Svea - I am trying to be more active in Suddenly Sunday - last year I fell off the wagon for awhile!

  3. Well very cool week coming up! I will try to stop back. Have a great week :)


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