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Friday, January 28, 2011

Books By Lisa Klein

Lisa Klein is the author of 4 historical YA novels. Two of these stories take on girls from fiction (Shakespeare particularly) and the other two are focused on historical events in the United States. (Gettysburg and Roanoke).


“Shakespeare’s Ophelia as you’ve never seen her before in an inspiring tale of love and loss.

She is young, beautiful, and desperately in love with a man who cannot return her affections without arousing suspicion. And so they meet in secret—embracing in stairwells and castle turrets, murmuring each other’s names in hushed voices, reaching passionately for each other under the cover of darkness. His name is Hamlet; her name is Ophelia. And if you think you know their story, think again. Because when bloody deeds turn the court of Elsinore into a place of treachery and madness, the young lovers will devise a plan for revenge—and for escape. Part of their plan calls for Ophelia to cast herself into dark waters. But instead of drowning, she will flee with nothing more than the clothes on her back…and one very dangerous secret.

What if Ophelia, the tragic young waif of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, didn’t die? Using this tantalizing premise as her leaping off point, Lisa Klein’s gorgeous reimagining of the bard’s great tragedy places the ephemeral Ophelia at its centerpiece. At once revisionist and true to its origins, her story offers readers a spellbinding page-turner with twists so startling it will leave them wanting more long after the final, heart-rending page is reached.”

Lady Macbeth’s Daughter
“Albia has grown up with no knowledge of her father, the powerful thane Macbeth, and her mother, the grief-wracked Grelach. Instead she knows the dark lure of the Wychelm Wood and the moors, where she’s been raised by three strange sisters. The ambitious Macbeth seeks to know his fate,and Albia’s life becomes tangled with that of the man who leaves in his wake nothing but bloodshed. When Albia learns that she has the second sight, she must decide whether to ignore the terrible future she foresees—or to change it.

With only the shepherd Colum to aid her, Albia sets out on a journey fraught with peril. Will she be able to save the man she loves from her murderous father? Can she forgive her parents their wrongs, or must she destroy them?”

Cate of the Lost Colony
“Lady Catherine is one of Queen Elizabeth's favorite court maidens—until her forbidden romance with Sir Walter Ralegh is discovered. In a bitter twist of irony, the jealous queen banishes Cate to Ralegh's colony of Roanoke, in the New World. Ralegh pledges to come for Cate, but as the months stretch out, Cate begins to doubt his promise and his love. Instead it is Manteo, a Croatoan Indian, whom the colonists—and Cate—increasingly turn to. Yet just as Cate's longings for England and Ralegh fade and she discovers a new love in Manteo, Ralegh will finally set sail for the New World.

Seamlessly weaving together fact with fiction, Lisa Klein's newest historical drama is an engrossing tale of adventure and forbidden love—kindled by one of the most famous mysteries in American history: the fate of the settlers at Roanoke, who disappeared without a trace forty years before the Pilgrims would set foot in Plymouth.”

Two Girls of Gettysburg
“When the Civil War breaks out, two cousins, Lizzie and Rosanna, find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict until the war reunites them in the town of Gettysburg.”

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You can visit Lisa’s website for more information on her books.

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  1. Loved Cate of the Lost Colony and plan on reading Lady Macbeth's Daughter later this year. I'm so glad I found Lisa Klein last year :)

  2. Holly - I have been wanting to read her books for awhile. I love the covers.

  3. Wow, live the sound of everyone of these. Made a list and will go back to the library where I used to work and make them aware of them. They need to be on the shelves.
    I look forward to reading them. There is some great YA fiction out there.

  4. Librarypat - that is so awesome! That is why I did this post - to spread the word. I can't wait to read them eiter.


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