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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Book Review Index

Here is an alphabetized listing by author of all the reviews I have posted on this blog (with links!). You can find my movie reviews at the bottom of the page as well.



Bair-O'Keeffe, Kristin - Thirsty - Historical Fiction, United States, 19th c

Barnes, Margaret Campbell - The Passionate Brood - Historical Fiction, Plantagenet, 12th c

Barnes, Margaret Campbell - Within the Hollow Crown - Historical Fiction, Plantagenet, 14th c

Barker, Nicole – Dancing with Ana – Young Adult

Binchy, Maeve - Tara Road - Romance, Audio Book

Blake, Sarah - The Postmistress - Historical Fiction, WWII, Audio Book

Borghese, Prince Lorenzo - Princess of Nowhere - Historical Fiction, France, Italy, 19th c

Borman, Tracy - Elizabeth's Women: The Hidden Story of the Virgin Queen - Tudor Non Fiction, 17th c

Bray, Libba - Going Bovine - Young Adult, Fantasy

Bray, Libba – A Great and Terrible Beauty – Young Adult, Series

Brightwell, Gerri - The Dark Lantern - Victorian Historical Fiction

Bronte, Charlotte – Jane Eyre – Classic, Audio Book

Brown, Patrick - Industrial Pioneers - Non-Fiction, United States

Burton, Gabrielle - Impatient with Desire - Historical Fiction, United States


Carroll, Leslie - Notorious Royal Marriages - Non Fiction

Chadwick, Elizabeth - For the King's Favor - Historical Fiction, 12 c.

Chadwick, Elizabeth - The Greatest Knight - Historical Fiction, 12 c.

Chadwick, Elizabeth - The Scarlet Lion - Historical Fiction, 12 c.

Chevalier, Tracy - Girl With A Pearl Earring - Art Historical Fiction, 17th c

Chevalier, Tracy - The Lady and the Unicorn - Art Historical Fiction, 15th c

Cornwell, Bernard - Agincourt - Historical Fiction, France, 15th c

Corona, Laurel - Penelope's Daughter - Historical Fiction, Ancient Greece

Cowell, Stephanie - Claude & Camille - Art Historical Fiction, France, 19th c,

Cullen, Lynn - The Creation of Eve - Art Historical Fiction, Spain, Italy, 17th c


Delors, Catherine - For the King - Historical Fiction, France, 19th c

De Rosnay, Tatiana - Sarah's Key - Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, France, 20th c

Dunant, Sarah - Sacred Hearts - Historical Fiction, Italy, Convent


Elliott, Elissa – Eve – Biblical Fiction

Emmons, Kristina - Roeing Oaks - Victorian Historical Fiction

Erickson, Carolly - The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots - YA Historical Fiction, France, Scotland, England, 16th c

Essex, Karen - Dracula in Love - Victorian Historical Fiction

Etzioni-Halevy, Eva - The Triumph of Deborah - Biblical Fiction

Evanovich, Janet - Smitten - Romance, Audio Book


Fox, Angie - The Accidental Demon Slayer - Paranormal Romance, Series

Fox, Angie – The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers – Paranormal Romance, Series


Gaiman, Neil - Coraline - Young Adult

Gardner, Laurien – Plain Jane – Tudor Historical Fiction

Gortner, C. W. - Confessions of Catherine de Medici - French Historical Fiction

Gortner, C. W. - The Tudor Secret - Historical Fiction - Thriller, English, 16th c

Gregory, Philippa - The Boleyn Inheritance - Tudor Historical Fiction

Gregory, Philippa - The Constant Princess - Tudor Historical Fiction

Gregory, Philippa - The Other Boleyn Girl - Tudor Historical Fiction

Gregory, Philippa - The Queen's Fool - Tudor Historical Fiction

Gruen, Sara - Water for Elephants - Historical Fiction, Audiobook, United States


Hart, Marjorie - Summer at Tiffany - Memoir, 1940's, United States

Higginbotham, Susan - The Queen of Last Hopes - Historical Fiction, 15th c, England, Wars of the Roses

Holland, Cecelia - Great Maria - Historical Fiction, Italy, 11th c

Hollick, Helen - The Forever Queen - Historical Fiction, England, 11th c

Howe, Katherine - The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane - Historical Fiction, United States




Kaplan, Mitchell James - By Fire, By Water - Historical Fiction, Spain

King, Susan Fraser - Queen Hereafter - Historical Fiction, Scotland, 11th C

Koen, Karleen - Dark Angels - Historical Fiction/Romance, Series, England, Charles II


Laker, Rosalind - The Golden Tulip - Art Historical Fiction, Romance

Langton, Jerry – Rage – True Crime

Leonard, Elmore - The Hot Kid - Western, Thriller, Audio Book


Maguire, Gregory - Son of a Witch - Fantasy, Fiction, Audio Book

Malcolm, M. L. - Heart of Lies - Historical Fiction, Europe & China

Martin, George, R. R. - A Game of Thrones - Historical Fantasy, Series, Book 1

Martin, George, R. R. - A Clash of Kings - Historical Fantasy, Series, Book 2

Maxwell, Robin - O, Juliet - Historical Fiction, Italy

Maxwell, Robin – The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn – Tudor Historical Fiction, England

Miller, Joel, L - The Revolutionary Paul Revere - Non Fiction, United States

Moran, Michelle - Cleopatra's Daughter - Egyptian/Roman Historical Fiction, Young Adult

Moran, Michelle – The Heretic Queen – Egyptian Historical Fiction

Moran, Michelle – Nefertiti – Egyptian Historical Fiction

Morin, Donna Russo - The Secret of the Glass - Italian Historical Fiction

Mottley, Peter - The Harlot's Progress: Yorkshire Molly - Victorian Historical Fiction


Niffenegger, Audrey - Her Fearful Symmetry - Contemporary Fiction, England

Niffenegger, Audrey - The Time Traveler's Wife - Contemporary Fiction, United States



Patterson, James – 1st to Die – Mystery, Audio Book, Women's Murder Club

Patterson, James – 2nd Chance – Mystery, Audio Book, Women's Murder Club

Patterson, James - 3rd Degree - Mystery, Audio Book, Women's Murder Club

Patterson, James - 4th of July - Mystery, Audio Book, Women's Murder Club

Pattillo, Beth - Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart - Fiction, England

Picoult, Jodi - Salem Falls - Contemporary Fiction, Audio Book, New England

Plaidy, Jean – Madame Serpent – French Historical Fiction, Series

Plaidy, Jean - The Merry Monarch's Wife - English Historical Fiction

Plaidy, Jean - The Rose Without A Thorn - Tudor Historical Fiction

Plaidy, Jean - The Shadow of the Pomegranate - Tudor Historical Fiction, Audio Book



Rinaldi, Ann - The Fifth of March - Historical Fiction, American Revolution, 17th c, YA, Audio


Sankaran, Vanitha - Watermark - Historical Fiction, Inquisition, France, 14th c

Scott, Susan Holloway - Royal Harlot - Historical Fiction, Charles II, England, 17th c

Scott, Susan Holloway - The Countess and the King - Historical Fiction, Charles II, James II, England, 17th c.

Sebold, Alice - The Lovely Bones - Contemporary Fiction, Audio Book

Shakespeare, William - Hamlet - Classic, Audio Book

Smith, Alexander McCall - The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency - Mystery, Series, Audio Book

Smith, Anne Easter - Daughter of York - Historical Fiction, Plantagenet, Audio Book

Steel, Danielle - Five Days in Paris - Romance, Audio Book


Trent, Christine - A Royal Likeness - Historical Fiction, England/Scotland

Trent, Christine - The Queen's Dollmaker - Historical Fiction, France/England




Wagner, Kathryn - Dancing for Degas - Art Historical Fiction, France

Wahlder, Michele - Alphatudes - Non-Fiction, Inspirational

Waldherr, Kris - Doomed Queens - Non-Fiction

Waters, Sarah - Fingersmith - Victorian Historical Fiction

Weir, Alison – Innocent Traitor – Tudor Historical Fiction

Woolley, Persia - Child of the Northern Spring - Arthurian Historical Fiction, England

Worth, Sandra - Pale Rose of England - Tudor Historical Fiction, England, 15th c




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