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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Review: Rage by Jerry Langton

Book cover of Rage by Jerry Langton
Rage: The True Story of Sibling Murder by Jerry Langton
Paperback, 256 pages
June 11, 2008
★★★ ½☆☆
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Genre: True Crime

Source: Personal Collection
In a quiet working-class neighborhood in east-end Toronto, on an early winter day in November 2003, Johnathon Madden returned home from school only to be bullied and threatened by is older brother, Kevin; Kevin's friend Tim Ferriman; and another teenager. the confrontation turned violent and fatal. Johnathon didn't have the strength or size to protect himself against the frenzied attack of his powerful 250-pound brother. 
Sibling violence may be as old as time, but this case is particularly disturbing and unsettling.
Being a criminal justice major during college, crime stories – true or fictional – are always interesting to me. This book came to me in a giveaway and I thought I would give it a try. I should warn you, this book is not for the weak at heart.

The bulk of this book consists of the story of the brutal murder of Johnathon by his brother Kevin and his friends. There is the suspected story of what happened as well as the story of the trial. The other portion of this book looks at aspects of this story in a more detailed way. For example, the author goes into a chapter of details about the inner workings of a psychopath.

I have a sort of split opinion about this book. The writing of the actual story of the murder was very compelling and kept my attention. The sections of the in-depth background information didn’t really hold my interest. They were too long. There were sections that I found interesting and I understand the importance of the background info, but I feel like it went on for too long.

Overall, a generally good book, but a little slow at times.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this..doubt I'd read it though. I'd be afraid it would be too graphic for me..the subject is eerie- You're way gutsier than I am:)

  2. Thanks for your review. Well done. But I think the background material will, upon reflection, help you understand why psychopaths are psychopaths and why society allows it to happen.


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