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Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Ever Growing Bookshelf

In response to a post at J.Kaye's Book Blog I decided that I would post some pictures of my bookshelves. I don't really have a huge organizational strategy to my shelves, but they are in some order. I try to keep each author grouped together and usually try to keep them in numerical or chronological order. Then I try to keep the taller ones to the left and the shorter ones to the right. I have the books that I want to read mixed in with the books that I have already read. It's all in my head as to which ones those are. I will explain more as I go...
The bottom shelf has all of my Philippa Gregory, Jodi Picoult and a couple other random authors.
The second shelf holds my Libba Bray, Allison Weir, Julie Lessman, and Kate Morton, as well as a couple others.
My third shelf hosts my rapidly expanding Plaidy/Holt collection as well as my Margaret Campbell Barnes, Michelle Moran, and Robin Maxwell books.
The fourth shelf is mostly made up of my Gossip Girl Series and my paperback James Pattersons (the audiobook versions are either in the car or by the stereo).
The top shelf (the one that I can't reach without standing on my bed) holds my Shel Silverstein poetry books, as well as the couple of celebrity books that I have (my favorite being Get Happy about the life of Judy Garland).Any books that I am currently reading or my magazines are put on the bottom shelf of my nightstand.
As I said...not too much organization - I change my mind too often, but at least it is an organized mess.

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  1. Nice to see that there is some organization to your chaos. I have no clue as to what I have and if I were to ever get a clue....I think I might be scared. :) Check mine out if you'd like.


  2. You have a fabulous collection. I love looking at people's bookshelves <3

  3. Awesome! :) Totally love your photos!

  4. Wonderful collection! YOu're so organized- Thanks for the lovely browse:)

  5. your shelves are much more organized than mine. great job. nice photos.


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