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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Index of Author Interviews/Author Guest Posts

Here is a list of the author interviews and author guest posts that I have posted on my blog over time with links to them!

Kristin Bair-O'Keeffe - Thirsty - 1/20/10

Nicole BarkerDancing with Ana – 8/17/09

Leslie Carroll - Guest post "Eleanor of Acquitaine's Notorious Royal Divorce" for her release Notorious Royal Marriages - 1/9/10

Guest Post "Crazy for Love - or Just Crazy" for her release Royal Pains - 3/4/11

Elizabeth Chadwick - Guest Post "Why I Write About William Marshall and Medieval Period" for release of The Scarlet Lion - 3/21/10

Paula Marantz Cohen - What Alice Knew - 9/10/10

Laurel Corona - Penelope's Daughter - 10/13/10

Jennifer Donnelly - Guest Post "Why I Write YA Fiction" for YA Hist-Fic Week - 1/24/11

Kristina Emmons - Roeing Oaks - 3/31/10

Karen Essex - Dracula in Love - 8/26/10 - Part two hosted at The Maiden's Court
Part one hosted at Lions and Men 8/25/10

Eva Etzioni-Halevy - The Triumph of Deborah - 9/26/09

Angie Fox - A Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers Interview - 2/2/10

A Tale of Two Demon Slayers Guest Post - 2/2/10

Esther Friesner - Guest Post "A Few Ideas About...Ideas" for YA Hist-Fic Week - 1/26/11

Mitchell James Kaplan - Guest Post "Researching & Writing" for his release By Fire, By Water- 5/24/10

Susan Fraser King - Guest Post "Two Queens: Lady Macbeth and Margaret of Scotland" for her release Queen Hereafter - 12/22/10

Lisa Klein - Guest Post "Why I Write YA Fiction" for YA Hist-Fic Week - 1/28/11

Jeannie Lin - Guest Post "Walk the Line" for her release Butterfly Swords

M. L. Malcolm - Guest Post About Her Life for her release Heart of Lies - 8/12/10

Robin MaxwellThe Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn/All of her Books – 7/14/09

Michelle Moran - Cleopatra's Daughter - 10/9/09

Barbara Quick - A Golden Web & Vivaldi's Virgins - 5/20/10

Cinsearae S - Boleyn Tudor Vampire - 6/30/10

Susan Holloway Scott - Guest Post "The Fine Art of Poetical Slander" for her release Countess and the King - 9/5/10

Christine Trent - The Queen's Dollmaker - 1/11/10
Guest Post "Top Five: Madame Tussaud's Edition" for her release A Royal Likeness - 12/8/10

Kathryn Wagner - Dancing for Degas - 7/29/10

Persia Woolley - Guest post about the writing of Child of the Northern Spring - 11/9/10

Sandra Worth - Guest post "Behind the Legend of Perkin Warbeck" - 2/3/11

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