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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Movie Review: The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria

GK Films
105 mins
December 18, 2009
Rated: PG

I was so excited to see this movie. It was shown at a small artsy theatre which made it feel like I was walking back in time upon entering the theatre. It only shows two movies at a time, usually independent films. The personal, friendly atmosphere was so different than the mainstream theatres that I usually go to – and the seats were amazingly comfortable. I really am a firm believer that where you are influences the way you perceive things – it was a very enjoyable experience, even if we were the youngest people there!

I think that they picked the perfect actor and actress for Albert and Victoria. Emily Blunt carried herself perfectly as a princess and a queen. She could easily evoke all of the emotions and feelings that were required of the role. I very much enjoyed Rupert Friend as Albert. An actor who I considered a scene stealer was Mark Strong as Sir John Conroy (who coincidentally was also in Sherlock Holmes, which I saw the week before). It took me a little while to figure out what his relationship was to Victoria and her mother – for quite awhile I thought he was her father!

The settings were gorgeous. I’m not sure if they looked how they should or how much of it was real vs. CGI, but it was eye candy. I loved when they went into Buckingham palace for the first time - it was so breathtaking! It certainly made me want to visit England.

My favorite scene was the chess game between Victoria and Albert early in their friendship. I have included it above for your viewing pleasure. It evoked some laughter in the theatre and I loved how they compared Victoria’s life to the chess game. My second favorite scene was where Albert takes a bullet marked for Victoria. Although, from what I hear, this never happened in real life, I actually really liked that scene. Very dramatic.

My boyfriend did not want to really see the movie – but went anyway. Upon being questioned as to what he thought of it, he replied, “it wasn’t that bad, not what I expected”. So, for someone totally not interested in royalty, I will take that as a stellar review.

I cannot wait until this comes out on DVD and I can see it again!

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  1. So far I don't think its playing anywhere around me, though I'll have to recheck that. I really want to see this! Good review!

  2. It's been on here in Montreal for a few weeks now and I still haven't gone! Hubby isn't too keen...but too bad- we're going! (soon, I hope)

    Thanks for the review Heather:)

  3. Oh I wish this was playing near me! I have been longing to see it. Thanks for the review :)


  4. Heather, I was lucky enough to see this a few months ago and got the DVD just after Christmas. I loved it and wished they were making another one like they did with Elizabeth!

  5. So happy to read your review, Heather. This isn't playing near me yet but I definitely want to see it - - even if it means going at it alone.

    Thanks for the great review.


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