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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Suddenly Sunday - Hunkering Down for Irene

Morning everyone!  I'm writing this post late Saturday night, as I'm not really sure that we will have power come morning.  Hurricane Irene is supposed to come in sometime on Sunday morning and we are already getting some of the rain from in now.  We are all set- we have food, flashlights, lots of candles, everything outside has been brought in - and all we can do is wait it out now.  I think we will be ok - shouldn't have any flooding problems as we live on top of a hill and most of our trees are gone from the tornado a few months ago - but due to the tornadoes they are warning us about mudslides because the trees are not there to hold the soil in place.  I think our worst issue will be power outages from trees falling on wires and wind.  So keep us in your thoughts!

I spent all day on Saturday getting my posts pre-scheduled for the week in case we lose power, so we should be up and running around here, but I may not be able to respond for awhile.

I did want to announce the winner of the Becoming Marie Antoinette giveaway before I sign off.  And the winner is Historical Fiction Notebook!

I have already emailed the winner in a preemptive move.

Wishing everyone the best during this hurricane!

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  1. Be safe. You've sure had a year of weather!

  2. How did you do in the storm, Heather? I hope everyone is safe. We made it through much better than predicted. It's messy with leaves and branches on the ground but that's the extent of it. I hope you're alright.

  3. Good luck. Hope the storm passes without causing too many problems. It's passed here in DC with minimal damage in our neighborhood.

  4. Congratulations, Historical fiction Notebook.

    I hope all went well with Irene.

  5. Hey all, thanks for the well wishes - we made it through unscathed. We didn't even lose power, although people in our town did. I haven't left the house but from what I can see we only lost one little branch. My parent's didn't fare quite as well - they had a tree fall on their shed and my mom's car and are without power.

  6. Hey Pumpkin! Glad to see you made it through ok, but am sorry about your mom. Thank goodness she wasn't in the car. Have a great week :)


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