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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mailbox Monday #101

This is Mailbox Monday on Wednesday - I had some reviews scheduled as part of a tour for Monday and Tuesday - check them out if you haven't already!!!.

Anyway, this week I received two books for review from Sourcebooks.  I received the follow up to His Last Duchess by Gabrielle Kimm - Courtesan's Lover.  This book follows one of the secondary characters from His Last Duchess following the events of the first book.  I loved Kimm's writing style so I am looking forward to reading this one.

I also received Her Highness, the Traitor by Susan Higginbotham.  This looks to be a story about how Jane Grey became queen - from the perspectives of Frances Grey and Jane Dudley.  I am looking forward to this one too!

Did you receive any books this week?

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  1. I'm definitely interested in reading "His Last Duchess" and will look forward to hearing your thoughts on the prequel (?). Here are my new acquisitions for the week: http://www.historicalfictionnotebook.com/2012/02/more-new-books.html

    1. It is definitely a sequel. The main character in The Courtesan's Lover leaves and goes to Napoli at the end of His Last Duchess. Courtesan's Lover is what transpires there.

  2. I can't wait to hear what you think of the new Susan Higginbotham novel. It's one of my most anticipated reads of 2012.

    1. I have only read one of Higginbotham's books so far - Queen of Last Hopes - but I really enjoyed that one. And this one looks to have such an interesting premise.


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