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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Legacy of Eden Scavenger Hunt

I have the pleasure today of hosting one of the stops on the Legacy of Eden by Nelle Davy blog tour. By now you have already read the guest post by Nelle (if you haven't, here is the link) and there will be a review forthcoming in two weeks. Today I have the chance to present you with a small teaser from Chapter 1. If you are interested in reading all of the first chapter you simply have to follow along with the Scavenger Hunt, as a piece of the chapter will be presented at each stop.

So far there have been 15 stops, so you might want to check those out before reading the below section if you desire to read the entire first chapter, otherwise continue on for a teaser preview.

Here is today's excerpt:

"Only later did I come to realize how she had longed to be at the receiving end of such jealousy, that she had geared her life toward that moment. It had for so long been the other way around.

Can you understand? Can you discern even from these fragmented recollections the hold that place could have? Why those who lived there would do anything to protect it regardless of the consequences? It was stronger than the bonds of community, this love, stronger in the end than that of family. It affected all of us. Not the same, never the same, but it always left its mark and you knew then who you truly were and why you bore your name.

On the rare occasions my sister and I have talked since resuming contact a few years ago, our conversations have tiptoed around her bitterness—her, I should say, justified anger. Out of fear or diplomacy we have steered clear of anything that might have forced us down a path on which we would have to confront what is between us. I have done this dance mainly on my own."

Follow onward tomorrow at Bea's Book Nook!

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