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Author Interviews

Here is a list of the author interviews and author guest posts that I have posted on my blog over time with links to them!

Kristin Bair-O'Keeffe - Interview for release of Thirsty - 1/20/10

Elizabeth Bailey - Interview for release of The Gilded Shoud - 9/6/11

Elizabeth Bailey - Guest Post "Pipes, Snuff, and Poison" for her release The Deathly Portent - 4/24/12

Andrei Baltakmens - Guest Post "Love Beyond the Confines of Class" for his release The Raven's Seal - 5/22/13

Nicole Barker – Interview for release of Dancing with Ana – 8/17/09

Christine Blevins - Interview for release of The Turning of Anne Merrick - 3/6/12

D. L. Bogdan - Interview for release of The Sumerton Woman - 4/18/12

Patricia Bracewell - Interview for release of Shadow on the Crown - 1/14/14

Amalia Carosella - Interview for release of Helen of Sparta - 4/20/15

Carol K Carr - Guest Post "The Road to Publishing India Black" for her release India Black - 3/9/11

Leslie Carroll - Guest post "Eleanor of Acquitaine's Notorious Royal Divorce" for her release Notorious Royal Marriages - 1/9/10

Leslie Carroll - Guest Post "Crazy for Love - or Just Crazy" for her release Royal Pains - 3/4/11

Elizabeth Chadwick - Guest Post "Why I Write About William Marshall and Medieval Period" for release of The Scarlet Lion - 3/21/10

Jerome Charyn - Interview for release of Back to Bataan - 7/16/12

Paula Marantz Cohen - Interview for release of What Alice Knew - 9/10/10

Laurel Corona - Interview for release of Penelope's Daughter - 10/13/10

Kathy Czepiel - Interview for release of A Violet Season - 7/9/12

Nelle Davy - Guest Post "Using Personal Stories in Writing: Do or Don't?" for release The Legacy of Eden - 2/3/12

D.M. Denton - Interview for release of A House Near Luccoli - 9/10/14

Jennifer Donnelly - Guest Post "Why I Write YA Fiction" for YA Hist-Fic Week - 1/24/11

J. S. Dunn - Guest Post "Bending the Boyne: A Pathway to the Stars" for release Bending the Boyne - 11/15/11

Kari Edgren - Interview for release of Goddess Born - 10/13/14

Kristina Emmons - Interview for release of Roeing Oaks - 3/31/10

Christy English - Guest Post "Eleanor's Inspiration: William X, Duke of Aquitaine" for her release To Be Queen and HFBRT March 2011 Event

Jennifer Cody Epstein - Interview for release The Gods of Heavenly Punishment - 9/19/13

Karen Essex - Dracula in Love - 8/26/10 - Part two of interview hosted at The Maiden's Court

Karen Essex - Part one of interview hosted at Lions and Men 8/25/10

Eva Etzioni-Halevy - Interview for release of The Triumph of Deborah - 9/26/09

Nicole Evelina - Interview for release of Madame Presidentess - 8/18/16

Eva Flynn - Interview for release of The Renegade Queen - 2/15/16

Angie Fox - Interview for release of A Tale of Two Demon Slayers - 2/2/10

Angie Fox - Guest Post "Why I Write Paranormal Fiction" for release of A Tale of Two Demon Slayers - 2/2/10

Susanna Fraser - Interview for release of An Infamous Marriage - 11/26/12

Esther Friesner - Guest Post "A Few Ideas About...Ideas" for YA Hist-Fic Week - 1/26/11

Laini Giles - Interview for release of The Forgotten Flapper - 8/4/15

J. Boyce Gleason - Interview for release of Anvil of God - 11/7/13

Juliet Grey - Interview for release of Becoming Marie Antoinette - 8/11/11

Nicole Helget - Interview for release of Stillwater - 3/5/14

Deborah Hill - Interview for release of The Kingland Series - 8/14/14

G.K. Holloway - Interview for release of 1066: What Fates Impose - 4/23/14

Anna Lee Huber - Interview for release of Mortal Arts - 9/10/13

Susan Hughes - Interview for IndieBRAG for A Kiss from France - 6/15/16

Donald Jacobson - Interview for release of The Katyn Order - 7/25/12

Ben Kane - Interview for release of Spartacus: Rebellion - 5/16/13

Mitchell James Kaplan - Guest Post "Researching & Writing" for his release By Fire, By Water- 5/24/10

Naomi King - Guest Post "Researching the Amish" for her release Abby Finds Her Calling - 3/12/12

Susan Fraser King - Guest Post "Two Queens: Lady Macbeth and Margaret of Scotland" for her release Queen Hereafter - 12/22/10

Lisa Klein - Guest Post "Why I Write YA Fiction" for YA Hist-Fic Week - 1/28/11

Barbara Kyle - Interview for release of Blood Between Queens - 5/10/13

Peter Lefcourt - Guest Post "How My Personal Experience as a Jewish American Influenced the Book" for his release An American Family - 6/23/12

David Leroy - Interview for release of The Siren of Paris - 6/20/12

Jeannie Lin - Guest Post "Walk the Line" for her release Butterfly Swords

Rosanne Lortz - Guest Post "Why the First Crusade" for her release Road from the West.

Elizabeth Loupas - Interview for release of The Flower Reader - 5/8/12

Kelly O'Connor McNees - Interview for release of In Need of a Good Wife - 10/5/12

Michaela MacColl - Interview for release of Prisoners in the Palace - 8/25/11

Alison McMahn - Guest Post "Venice and the Black Death in 1630" for her release The Saffron Crocus - 6/5/15

M. L. Malcolm - Guest Post "About My Life" for her release Heart of Lies - 8/12/10

Elle Marie - Interview for release of Chronicle of the Mound Builders - 5/20/13

Robin Maxwell - Guest Post "A Launch to Remember" for her release Jane - 9/27/12

Robin Maxwell – Interview about The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn/All of her Books – 7/14/09

Cynthia Ripley Miller - Interview for release of On the Edge of Sunrise - 2/9/16

Jan Moran - Guest Post "Fracas and Indiscret" for her release Scent of Triumph -

Michelle Moran - Interview for release of Cleopatra's Daughter - 10/9/09

Laura Navarre - Interview for release of By Royal Command - 6/21/12

Marina Neary (M.J. Neary) - Interview for release of Never Be At Peace - 3/19/14

Evan Ostryzniuk - Guest Post "A Disparate Trio: Characterization in the English Free Company Series" for his release Of Fathers and Sons - 3/14/13

Paula Paul - Guest Post "How Catherine Came to Me" for her release Sins of the Empress - 6/8/12

B.N. Peacock - Interview for release of A Tainted Dawn - 1/30/13
Phil Pisani - Interview for release of Maggie's Wars - 8/19/14

Sarah Pleydell - Guest Post "Why 1960's London" for her release Cologne - 2/12/13

Taylor M. Polites - Interview for release of The Rebel Wife - 2/10/12

Brandy Purdy - Interview for release of The Queen's Pleasure - 5/28/12

Barbara Quick - Interview for release of A Golden Web & Vivaldi's Virgins - 5/20/10

Kate Quinn - Guest Post "Did They Have 'Vogue' in Ancient Rome" for her release Daughters of Rome - 4/15/11

Kerryn Reid - Interview for release of Learning to Waltz - 11/19/13

Julie K. Rose - Interview for release of Oleanna - 4/8/13

M. J. Rose - Guest Post "What Inspired The Book of Lost Fragrances?" for her release The Book of Lost Fragrances - 3/23/12

M. J. Rose - Guest Post "Victor Hugo and Seduction" for her release Seduction - 4/24/13

Jeannie Ruesch - Interview for release of Cloaked in Danger - 1/31/14

Cinsearae S - Interview for release of  Boleyn Tudor Vampire - 6/30/10

M.G. Scarsbrook - Guest Post "Lucrezia Borgia: The Most Evil Woman in History...or the Most Wronged?" for his release Poison in the Blood - 4/27/12

Sophie Schiller - Interview for release of Spy Island - 9/17/14

Eileen Clymer Schwab - Interview for release of The Shadow of the Quarter Moon - 7/7/11

Susan Holloway Scott - Guest Post "The Fine Art of Poetical Slander" for her release Countess and the King - 9/5/10

Shannon Selin - Interview for release of Napoleon in America - 5/6/14

Anita Seymour - Interview for her release of Royalist Rebel - 2/5/13

Margaret Skea - Interview for her release of Turn of the Tide - 2/27/13

Anne Easter Smith - Interview for the discovery of the body of Richard III and upcoming release Royal Mistress - 2/8/13

Jeffrey Smith - Guest Post "Women on the Range" for his release Mesabi Pioneers - 5/5/15

P. A. Staes - Interview for the release of The Bruges Tapestry - 3/28/13

Elizabeth St. John - Interview for release of Lady of the Tower - 8/15/16

Donna Baier Stein - Interview for release for The Silver Baron's Wife - 9/28/16

Carol Strickland - Interview for release of The Eagle and the Swan - 3/24/14

Donna Thorland - Interview for release of Mistress Firebrand - 4/8/15

Christine Trent - Interview for release of The Queen's Dollmaker - 1/11/10

Christine Trent - Guest Post "Top Five: Madame Tussaud's Edition" for her release A Royal Likeness - 12/8/10

K. Hollan van Zandt - Guest Post "How I Decided to Write About Hypatia" for her release Written in the Ashes - 5/31/12

Kathryn Wagner - Interview for release of Dancing for Degas - 7/29/10

Juliet Waldron - Interview for release of Nightingale - 5/21/14

Janie Dempsey Watts - Interview for IndieBRAG Medallion for Return to Taylor's Crossing - 11/23/16

Ann Weisgarber - Guest Post "Remembering the Forgotten" for her release The Promise - 5/6/15

Alana White - Guest Post "Inspiration and Writing The Sign of the Weeping Virgin" for her release The Sign of the Weeping Virgin - 2/13/13

Persia Woolley - Guest post about the writing of Child of the Northern Spring - 11/9/10

Sandra Worth - Guest post "Behind the Legend of Perkin Warbeck" - 2/3/11

Kim Wright - Interview for release of City of Darkness - 6/5/12

Margaret Wurtele - Interview for release of The Golden Hour - 2/15/12

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