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Monday, November 7, 2011

Mailbox Monday #88

I have been really collecting books over the last few weeks - mostly not for pleasure reading or reviewing but more for my Research Methods class.  But they are still pertinent for this blog as I am working on a research project on First Ladies and Politics - prior to the Civil War.  So I have made several trips to the library and have been buying from Ebay and Amazon when I can't get them through the library.  Some of these will turn into reviews here.  So here is what I have hauled in the past few weeks:

  • Sarah Childress Polk by John Reed Bumgarner - biography of the wife of the 11th President - will be reviewed - purchased
  • Parlor Politics: In Which the Ladies of Washington Help Build a City and Government by Catherine Allgor - will be reviewed - purchased
  • The Presidential Companion: Readings on the First Ladies edited by Robert P. Watson - possibly reviewed - purchased
  • The President's Partner: The First Lady in the Twentieth Century by Myra G Gutin - probably not reviewed - purchased before I decided I wanted to focus on pre-Civil War but will still probably use it as reference
  • First Ladies: Political Role and Public Image by Edith P. Mayo - this was a catalog for a Smithsonian show and I was super excited to find a copy of it - won't review it but awesome reference - purchased
  • First Ladies by Betty Boyd Caroli - won't review - borrowed from library
  • The Presidents' Wives: Reassessing the Office of First Lady by Robert P. Watson - won't review - borrowed from the library but may try an purchase online.  This is a great reference book and probably my top source for my research.
  • Rating the First Ladies: The Women Who Influenced the Presidency by John B Roberts II - won't review but am using it for my Rate the First Ladies posts - borrowed from library
  • America's First Ladies: Private Lives of the Presidential Wives by Diana Dixon Healy - honestly haven't looked at it yet, probably won't review - borrowed from library
  • American First Ladies: Their Lives and Their Legacy edited by Lewis L. Gould - haven't looked at this one yet either, probably won't review - borrowed from library
Hope you all received some interesting things in your mailboxes!

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  1. I like your first ladies books! should be very intriguing.


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