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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Visit the Birthplace of Two Presidents - John Adams and John Quincy Adams

I always knew that you could go and visit Montpelier (James/Dolley Madison’s home), Mount Vernon (George/Martha Washington’s home) and even Monticello (Thomas/Martha Jefferson’s home). Maybe it’s just me, but I never once thought about being able to visit Peacefield – John/Abigail Adams’ home! It is even more shocking to me that I never thought about this before because I live in New England – and in Massachusetts – only about 1 ½ hours from Peacefield.

I was so excited to realize this that of course I wanted to go right away – but guess what? They close for the season today so I have to wait for 2012 – big bummer! Anyway, in the meantime I figured I would share some of my excitement with you all by sharing some of the information I found out about visiting Peacefield. And when I visit in April/May I will be sure to tell you all about it!

There is a lot to do when visiting the Adams National Historical Park in Quincy, Massachusetts. It is really 4 separate buildings and the grounds as well as transportation by trolley. Guided tours are available for the buildings but make sure you get there early – I hear they can sell out fast!
John Adams birthplace (R) and John Q. Adams birthplace (L)
First stop on this tour – the home where John Adams was born. This house was built in 1735. Right next door is the house where John and Abigail moved to following their marriage and the home where the future president John Quincy Adams was born. The tour of these homes lasts approximately ½ hour.
Peacefield or The Old House
From there you head back to The Old House “Peacefield”. Here you will be able to partake in an hour long tour. You can then leisurely stroll around the grounds or visit the stone library filled with very old texts.
The Stone Library
They are open for business April 19th to November 10th and admission is $5.00 for adults and children under 16 are free.

Now if you are already going to be in Quincy and you want to do some more sightseeing while there – head up the street to the United First Parish Church. Here you can find the resting places of John Adams, Abigail Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Louisa Catherine Adams (inside the church). They appear to be open during the same time period and tours are offered of the church as well for a small fee.

If you happen to visit during the summer (particularly July 1 – Labor Day) you can stop by the Abigail Smith Adams Birthplace in Weymouth, Massachusetts (not to far from the Adams National Historical Park). Tours are offered of this house too for $5.00.  They are open from 1-4 PM so make this your last stop of the day.
Abigail Adams Birthplace
By the end of the day you will have learned something about 2 Presidents and their First Ladies from birth to death.  

Have any of you been to these places?  I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Wow, I didn't know about that either. John and Abigail Adams are two of my heroes.

  2. That's awesome! I've been to Mount Vernon (Washington's Home), Monticello, as well as Monroe's home but it's been a really long time!

  3. You may be interested to know that the American Experience on PBS this week is about Dolley Madison

  4. Faith - I think Abigail is an amazing woman for her time!

    Meg - I want to go to all of those! I am hoping to stop at Montpelier (Madison's home) when I go to Williamsburg in June. I know I can con my boyfriend into going to one, but more than that will be a challenge.

    Carolyn - thanks for the heads up. I think I might have seen that one already, but will for sure have to double check! Wouldn't want to miss it!

  5. Thanks for the photo tour! My husband was born in Quincy and my mother-in-law lives in Weymouth, but I've never been to either of these places even though I've seen the highway signs many times. I think a trip is in order next time I'm visiting. I love early New England homes.

  6. Sarah - Isn't it funny what things we miss even when we are so close?! I too love early New England homes.

  7. Have not visited them, but am using this post as my guide to do so the next time we are in the area. We go up to visit relatives and never do anything else. The Robert Frost Farm in Derry, NH is less than 2 miles from my husband's cousin's house. We pass it every year we go up, and I have not yet been able to get my husband to stop. In all fairness, it has only looked open once. I just checked their website and they do have a limited schedule of times when the house is open to the public. One of these days, we will spend more than a couple of days there and be able to do some serious visiting of all that is available in that area.

    Thanks for an interesting and helpful post.

  8. Librarypat - Glad I can help! I love how we pass by things all the time hoping to get there someday. I haven't been to the Frost Farm either - I actually didn't know about it. I will have to take a look!


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