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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Favorite Historical Posts Round Up

Hi all!  I have come across so many interesting historical and book themed posts recently and I haven’t had the time to post links to them, some I did share on the Facebook page or Twitter, so I thought I would do a sort of round up today.  Read on and enjoy!

1) My boyfriend sent me an interesting link from another blog posted back in August.  The theme of the post is – given the set up of a mass knife fight to the death between all of the President’s of the United States, how would they rank and why.  The rationale behind some of the choices is very spot on and makes for some interesting reading.  Scanning though the comments section is even better!  Check out Face In the Blue.

2) For Philippa Gregory fans – especially those in the UK – The White Queen is being made into a drama mini series on BBC One.  There are to be some great (eye candy!) actors – including Max Irons (from Red Riding Hood) and James Frain (from the Tudors and True Blood).  Check out Philippa Gregory’s blog.

3) If you are planning on attending the Historical Novel Society Conference in June 2013 in St. Petersburg, Florida (I am!!) you will have the chance to listen to one of my favorite authors, C. W. Gortner give the speech at the Saturday luncheon!!! Check out the HNS Conference.

4) USA Today has a nice gallery round up of the 25 big books being released this fall – and there are a few historical fiction and historical non-fictions making the list.  Check out the USA Today gallery.

5) Speaking of book round ups – I may be behind the times, I don’t know – but NPR has a nice listing of historical fiction books recently released with links to reviews and other content.  Check out NPR’s Historical Fiction page.

6) In scandal worthy news – there have been many posts coming out over the last few weeks about Amazon’s reviewing system and author’s buying or making up good reviews and other such stuff.  Here are some of the ones I have read if you are interested: Colin Falconer writing about the scandals; authors and publishers trashing each other in Amazon reviews, from the Daily Mail; a post on the Ten Cardinal Rules of Using Reviewing Power on Amazon, from epublishabook; and a New York Times article about buying 5 star book reviews.

That’s all from me on the news round up front – anything that you know of?  Please share in the comments section if I missed anything good!


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