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Thursday, February 11, 2010

William Marshall and… Robin Hood?

As I was reading through The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick, I kept thinking that King Richard and Prince John sounded like the King Richard and Prince John of Robin Hood lore. And guess what? I was right! So I figured that if William Marshall was actively involved with Richard and John, and they were involved in the tale of Robin Hood, maybe the Marshall and Robin would come together at some point? Right again!

I’m sure many of you have seen or heard about the new Robin Hood movie coming out soon staring Russell Crowe. But how many of you knew that William Marshall would be in this movie? I certainly didn’t. William Hurt will be playing William Marshall. Here is the trailer for the movie – I couldn’t tell if Hurt was in it or not, I’m not too familiar with him, but maybe some of you might spot him.

If I wasn’t completely convinced of seeing this movie before, I have to now, just to see how they present William Marshall.

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  1. I'm not a big Russell Crowe fan, but this does look like a good movie.

  2. I'm not a huge Russell Crowe fan either - I personally think he is too old to play Robin Hood - I always envision him as a younger man. That was basically the reason I wasn't sure whether I wanted to see it or not.

  3. I am just happy to see the medieval period in a film...I wonder how this one will turn out?

  4. Hi there,
    I think I'm going to be watching it and peeping through my fingers. I live in Nottingham and even though I know the modern Robin Hood tales are 'only a story' I tend to thrown my toys out of the pram and have to be sent out of the room by my family when history gets skewed. I had heard that the Marshal was being played by William Hurt. My favourite for him myself would be Ioan Gruffydd (when he was younger) and Christopher Ecclestone for the older Marshal. Wm Hurt doesn't do it for me.

  5. A PS to the above. I belong to early medieval re-enactment society Regia Anglorum, and we have been contracted to provide promotion for the film at Nottingham Castle in May. I will likely be there with my trusty cauldron and my mail-clad friends! :-)

  6. Hi,
    I have just found your blog and love it! I also love historical novels!

    Firstly there is a film about William Marshall being released soon called 'Ironclad' and includes the dramatic siege of Rochester Castle. It is a British made film and stars James Purefoy. http://screencrave.com/2010-01-08/first-ironclad-photo-with-james-purefoy/

    And of course Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, which has gone through various script changes. The original story called just 'Nottingham' had the Sheriff of Nottingham as a fairly good guy and Russell Crowe's Robin not such a goody-goody!

    I have a blog dedicated to the Robin Hood legend ( which I have studied for many years) and a very underrated live-action Robin Hood movie made in 1952 at http://disneysrobin.blogspot.com/

    I will create a link on my blog to yours.

  7. Crikey, Clement of the Glen, thanks for that. It's the first I've heard. In 'real' history, at the defence of Rochester, William Marshal would have been approximately 65, not a Templar (took the vows just before his death in 1219) and would have been fighting against those defending Rochester - although he wasn't actually there in person - so it'll be interesting to know more about the actual script! I rather like James Purefoy though!

  8. I think any movie based on history is worth a watch.. maybe not for the astronomical Theater prices, but I'll certainly watch it when it comes to cable!! =)
    As Pricilla said on my blog post about Robin Hood The Movie.. Men in tights.. yumm..

  9. I think they should make a movie on William Marshal the true robin hood who used his son to force the signing of the magna carda

  10. Watch robin hood 2010 full movie free click https://365movies.is/tag/zmovies watch now. Bottom line is, that this movie was a waste of time. Maybe not AS big a waste as Avatar, but a waste nonetheless. I couldn't hear what the characters were saying, there were too many long talking scenes, the battles were confusing as to who was fighting who and why. The best moments in the movie where 1. when you can see the arrow leaving Robin Hood's bow in extreme slow motion, and 2. when the King screams in the weirdest way possible, "I declare him to be an OUTLAAAAAW!!" (It still cracks me up). Other than that, this movie is not worth seeing. It just doesn't work. Click https://365movies.is/tag/losmovies/ watch movies free now.

    Russell Crowe seems to fat, too old, and too uninteresting to present a romantic or convincing Robin Hook to the screen. He tries to pull it off like an athletic shot-putter in what should be a ballet. Robin Hood should not be played like a gladiator. Gee, Sly Stallone could do same ( just as bad a job) as Crowe did for 10% of Russell's pay!The producers should have signed someone 20 years younger. .

    See more: http://moviesbox.live/robin-hood-2018-review.html

    I'm surprised by the performance of Academy Award Winners Ridly Scott, Cate Blanchett, and Russell Crowe. This movie is a disgrace to them. I have 3 reasons why this movie is bad. 1. Very boring 2. Has stuff that the watcher doesn't need to know about 3. A Disgrace. I got so flicked off at the end of the movie i just wanted to go up on the screen and tear it down. This movie felt like it was 5 hours long!!! I wasn't the only one asleep. I heard someone snoring in the front seat of me. It about a person who fights and becomes a hero and later his name turns in to Robin Hood. Come on actors/actresses try again! I'll give this a 2/10

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  11. I heard lots of things about robin hood. He is the fastest bowman in his time. He run faster than horse and lots of things. But don't know it is true or not. I already watch online this movie. It was great movie I had watched in my past.


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