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Monday, November 3, 2014

Mailbox Monday #181


Holy cow this was a ridiculous week in my mailbox - mostly the virtual one!!!  And I have a bunch of holiday ones coming up to read in December (hopefully)!  Also, I purchased a new Kindle the past

dare to love againhope for the holidayslove on the linemy days with princess graceplots and pansrugged and relentlessruths journeystrong and stubborntall dark and determinedthe advent bridethe barefoot queenthe bride backfirethe bride bargainthe bride blunderthe evergreen brideThe gift wrapped bridethe kennedy wivesthe lavender gardenthe nutcracker bridethe paris winterthis is how i love you

Wow that's a lot!  I went though a little bit of a crazed historical romance grab up this week.  Just a little. 

  • Dare to Love Again by Julie Lessman (book 2 in the Heart of San Francisco series) - I haven't read any of her novels yet, but I love the covers and can't wait to read this one either.  Purchased for my Kindle.
  • Love on the Line by Deeanne Gist - I have been collecting her novels recently and this is one of them.  Purchased for my Kindle.
  • Plots & Pans by Kelly EIleen Hake - I came across this author on Facebook and then the majority of her books were on discount on Kindle, so I grabbed up a bunch of them!  Purchased for my Kindle.
  • Rugged and Relentless by Kelly Eileen Hake (Husbands for Hire book 1) - another Hake novel, set in the American West.  Purchased for my Kindle.  This series is about a group of women who are looking for husbands to help them establish a sawmill.
  • Strong and Stubborn by Kelly Eileen Hake (Husbands for Hire book 3) - Purchased for my Kindle.
  • Tall, Dark, and Determined by Kelly Eileen Hake (Husbands for Hire book 2) - Purchased for my Kindle.
  • The Bride Backfire by Kelly Eileen Hake (Prairie Promise book 2) - Purchased for my Kindle.
  • The Bride Bargain by Kelly Eileen Hake (Prairie Promise book 1) - Purchased for my Kindle.
  • The Bride Blunder by Kelly Eileen Hake (Prairie Promise book 3) - Purchased for my Kindle.
  • The Lavender Garden by Lucinda Riley - More of a straight historical novel - but I DO love this cover!  Purchased for my Kindle.

I also started buying the books in the 12 Brides of Christmas historical romance novel series.  They are releasing a new title every Monday beginning at the start of October through Christmas.  I have already pre-ordered the rest of the series so they arrive of release day.  These are nice short stories, so I might actually manage to read them this Christmas season.  You can check out the whole series on their website.  The stories are all written by some favorite historical romance novelists.

  • The Advent Bride by Mary Connealy (Book 1 of 12 Brides of Christmas) - Purchased for my Kindle
  • The Nutcracker Bride by Margaret Brownley (Book 2 of 12 Brides of Christmas) - Purchased for my Kindle
  • The Evergreen Bride by Pam Hillman (Book 3 of 12 Brides of Christmas) - Purchased for my Kindle
  • The Gift-Wrapped Bride by Maureen Lang (Book 4 of 12 Brides of Christmas) - Purchased for my Kindle

Additionally, I picked up a couple more historical romance Christmas stories, but a part of the series called Hope for the Holidays Historical Collection.  I think some of these stories fit into the other series' written by the authors in this collection.  I know Lessman's novel fits into her O'Connor series (which is really why I bought the series).  The books in this series include:

  • Sophie's Other Daughter by Mary Connealy
  • A Town Called Christmas by Ruth Logan Hearne
  • Designs on Love by Myra Johnson
  • A Whisper of Hope by Julie Lessman

A couple books I picked up for review via Netgalley:

  • My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco by Joan Dale - I don't actually know much about her, so I am interested in hearing about her from someone she knew well.
  • Ruth's Journey by Donald McCraig - I have seen some mixed reviews on this one.  I have only seen Gone with the Wind once, and that was quite recently.  So I'm interested in checking this one out and giving it a shot.
  • The Barefoot Queen by Ildefonso Falcones - The settings in this novel are so exotic and unique!
  • The Kennedy Wives by Amber Hunt and David Batcher - As with many people, I am fascinated by the Kennedy's.
  • The Paris Winter by Imogen Robertson - Another one of those covers I have been eyeing for awhile.

And finally, one that I won as a giveaway on another blog:

Ok, that is more than enough from me, how about you?


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  1. You have no idea how much of a comfort it is to see someone else get this many books in one week. Now I don't feel like I am the only one with this problem, lol.

    I really liked This is How I'd Love You.

  2. I like your idea of little! This is a gorgeous mailbox. Enjoy.


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