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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Book Alert: A Barren Landscape by Geraldine Smith Priest

a barren landscape

A Barren Landscape: In Search of an American Culture 1811-1861: A Memoir of Eliza Rupp
by Geraldine Smith Priest
Paperback, 180 pages
JoSara MeDia
ISBN: 0984304924
December 1, 2011

Book Blurb:

America in the early 1800s was a cultural blank canvas, a barren landscape awaiting texture in the form of learning, literature and the arts.Geraldine Priest creates this fictional historical memoir of Eliza Rupp, the embodiment of the many Americans striving to fill that void. The story of Eliza's family and her study of piano are interwoven with those of the leading literati, artists and educators of the day. Like so many of them, she journeys to Europe to further her studies and make her own cultural contribution to America's Barren Landscape.

Ok, so maybe it’s not that new…but it was a cute idea that I wanted to point out to you all.  This is a fictional historical memoir. 

Here are some choices for purchasing the book: Amazon, B&N, RJ Julia (my fav indie bookstore).


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