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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Suddenly Sunday - New Author Website and Giveaways!

Good morning everyone!  I'm super surprised I'm up early this morning - with it being so cloudy and rainy outside it's just a day to stay in bed.  My boyfriend's parents were over yesterday and we spent the day at Old Sturbridge Village - they had their annual Redcoats & Rebels event where you get to see a Revolutionary reenactment.  Then they came over and we made an excellent dinner.  So, no wonder why I was tired - I went to bed at 9:30 PM last night!  Today is less exciting, chores and such.

I wanted to share some author news with you.  For any of you who have read/are interested in reading Esther Friesner's books, she has a new website just for her Princesses of Myth series.  I featured her books a while back during a YA Historicals week and have a couple of her books on my shelf to read.  An excerpt from the press release states:
Esther Friesner's Princesses of Myth series has chronicled Helen of Troy and Nefertiti as young adults.  Described as the "website where girls make history," readers will be able to blog about their reading, participate in contests and follow the development of the series. Teachers will find classroom resources.
You can find her new website here: www.princessesofmyth.com.

In other news, I don't know if you have checked out the Goodreads HF giveaways lately, but there are some awesome ones.  Here are some I loved:

  • The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory (note: only open to Canada) - Ends August 10
  • Fortune's Son by Emery Lee (open to US and Canada) - Ends November 1
  • To Serve a King by Donna Russo Morin (open to US - *signed copies*) - Ends August 14
  • Road from the West by Rosanne E Lortz (open to US, Canada, Great Britain) - Ends August 15
  • To Be Queen by Christy English (open to US, Canada, Great Britain) - Ends August 8

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!

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  1. It's grey and overcast here today, too, which makes it a great day to get some reading done :-)

    Thanks for the link to Esther Friesner's site - I'm going to check it out.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Thanks for the scoop! Glad you had a wonderful weekend and hope your week is good too :)


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