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Friday, August 26, 2011

Six Degrees of The Captive of Kensington Palace

It's time for another edition of your favorite game...Six Degrees of...The Captive of Kensington Palace!

To reiterate the rules - in case you did not play last round.

1. I will give you two book titles and you have to come up with 4 more that fall in between those two that ultimately connect the first with the last (example will be provided below).

2. You can connect one word in the title to one word in the next title; one word in the title with a name of the author; name of the author with name of the author. You cannot, for example, connect Margaret George with Margaret George, but can connect Margaret George with Margaret Campbell Barnes.

3. The same word can only be used twice in a row.

Below (in red) is an example of a 6 degrees that works - connecting Helen of Troy by Margaret George to Royal Harlot by Susan Holloway Scott:

Helen of Troy by Margaret George
My Lady of Cleves by Margaret Campbell Barnes
Lady of the English by Elizabeth Chadwick
To Be Queen by Christy English
Queen of Last Hopes by Susan Higginbotham
Royal Harlot by Susan Holloway Scott

You can post your answers in the form below by next Friday - September 2nd , I will post answers from those submitted and using Random.com select a winner from correct answers for a bookmark prize pack.

This weeks challenge - connect The Captive of Kensington Palace by Jean Plaidy to The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent by Six Degrees!

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  1. Oh boy...these are always so much fun and since I'm stuck inside because of Hurricane Irene...I might as well look at books ;} Thanks Heather and can't wait for the results. Fondly, Roberta

  2. Roberta - what a better way to spend a hurricane than with books! I know I did.


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