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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mailbox Monday #62

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia at The Printed Page but is now on tour on a monthly basis. The host for Februay is Laura and Sandra at Library of Clean Reads. Stop by and check them out!

This week was a mailbox landslide and I loved every exciting and surprising minute of it!

The week kicked off with some awesome books I knew were coming for review:

I received Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran! Which I cannot wait to dive into, alas it will have to wait as there are a couple other pressing books before it. None-the-less...AWESOME!

I also received my first book as part of the Amazon Vine program - Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon. This looks to be interesting - here is the blurb:

"Two sheltered princesses, one wounded warrior; who will live happily ever after?

Princess Margrethe has been hidden away while her kingdom is at war. One gloomy, windswept morning as she stands in a convent garden overlooking the icy sea, she witnesses a miracle: a glittering mermaid emerging from the waves, a nearly drowned man in her arms. By the time Margrethe reaches the shore, the mermaid has disappeared into the sea. As Margrethe nurses the handsome stranger back to health, she learns that not only is he a prince, he is also the son of her father's greatest rival. Sure that the mermaid brought this man to her for a reason, Margrethe devises a plan to bring peace to her kingdom.

Meanwhile, the mermaid princess Lenia longs to return to the human man she carried to safety. She is willing to trade her home, her voice, and even her health for legs and the chance to win his heart….

A surprising take on the classic tale, Mermaid is the story of two women with everything to lose. Beautifully written and compulsively readable, it will make you think twice about the fairytale you heard as a child, keeping you in suspense until the very last page."

Then there was the absolutely amazing box that I received from Bloomsbury Publishing. I had been talking with one of the publicists over there about a giveaway for the YA week - and she said she would send not only 1 Lisa Klein book (like I expected) but she would send 3! I thought that was pretty awesome in and of itself. Then she said she would throw in some other books I might be interested in reviewing - but I didn't know what they were or how many. Well let me tell you they were awfully generous! Here is what I received:

  • Ophelia, Two Girls of Gettysburg, and Cate of the Lost Colony by Lisa Klein - I will be offering these up for giveaway in the near future.
  • The Musician's Daughter, Anastasia's Secret, and In the Shadow of the Lamp by Susanne Dunlap - for review
  • Fallen Grace by Mary Hooper - for review
  • Sovay by Celia Rees - for review
  • Dogtag Summer by Elizabeth Partridge - most likely will host a giveaway for this at some point
Talk about awesome haul! Thank you so much to Deb Shapiro for making this all possible! I am most grateful!

So how did your mailbox treat you this week?

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  1. MERMAID sounds like it will be a really good book.
    The YA box contained some real goodies. I have been looking at Lisa Klein's books for a while and wishing I was still ordering for the library. They sound good.
    The main thing I got last week was THE POSITIVE PORTIONS FOOD AND FITNESS JOURNAL. I have tried to start a diet and exercise program, this will be a bit of encouragement.

  2. Librarypat - I think Mermaid will be interesting. The author certainly seems comical - I wonder if that comes through in her writing. I hope that the Journal you got can be just what you are looking for!

  3. I'm waiting on my copy of Madame Tussaud eagerly!

  4. You got picked for the Vine?? I'm so jealous! Congrats! Mermaid sounds awesome! Lisa Klein did a book signing here last fall but I didn't get a chance to go. I'll keep my eye out for the giveaway! Here's my Mailbox. Happy reading!


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