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Monday, August 16, 2010

Mailbox Monday #45

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page and has caused my bookshelves to overflow!

Another 1 book week for me here -

Received from Paperback Swap - When Christ and His Saints Slept by Sharon Kay Penman.

I have not yet had the chance to read any of Penman's books, but I am working on adding them to my collection.

"Henry I is dead, and even as the bells toll, his barons confer edgily. Bound by oath, they must now deal with the King's only surviving legitimate issue: the handsome, intelligent, and commanding Maude, Henry's daughter and heir. Just as Maude reaches for the crown, her trusted cousin Stephen moves with treacherous speed to set himself up as king. Bound and determined, Maude sets sail for England—and for war. In this novel, Sharon Kay Penman brings to life a dark period in English history, painting a canvas rich in the color and textures of the era."

Anything good in your mailboxes?

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  1. *GASP* Oh girl, you haven't read ANY SKP yet? You better get working on that, you are missing out!!

    I do envy you though, I wish I could go back to the feeling of reading my first Penman...it was magical :)

    Enjoy Heather and have a great week!

  2. Amy is right! You do need to read Penman! I started with Sunne in Splendour and then the Welsh trilogy.

  3. I have the Sunne in Splendor and my goal is to read it before the end of the year. The goal originally was before the end of the summer, but I don't think that is quite going to happen.

  4. Oh, my, I need to read Sharon Kay Penman as well, so excited! Here's my Monday post: http://coffeeandabookchick.blogspot.com/

  5. I have not read any of Penman's books either but I really want to. Maybe I should start gathering them as well so that I actually remember that they are on my list of to-reads.

  6. I have got to read more of her books. I have several on my TBR mountain. Once we head into winter and good serious reading weather I'll have to get them out.


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