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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Salon - Superbowl Edition

Happy Sunday everyone! While some of you may be digging out of a lot of snow right now, I am so thankful that it actually missed us this time. We did not get a single snowflake despite what they were telling us to prepare for. So, this time we got lucky. I finished reading The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick last night. I was so tired, but I had just 12 pages left, so it couldn’t wait until today. It was a great read – I haven’t read anything medieval before and this was a great introduction to the period. A review will be upcoming later this week. I have finally seen what all of the excitement over Chadwick is about. Thanks Amy for getting me interested in this book. I will be moving on to reading Chadwick’s new book, The Scarlet Lion, next for our upcoming March event at the Historical Fiction Round Table.
I am officially registered for the Book Blogger Con and will be going to Book Expo America as well. I am very excited – I will only be there for 1 day each (that’s all I can get off from work) but it will be awesome. Allie from Hist-Fic Chick and I are going to meet up and hang out – another exciting thing. I can’t wait to take part in this experience. An exciting thing I was able to do this weekend was drive up to the beautiful Dorset Inn located in Dorset, Vermont. Leslie Carroll was hosting a lovely tea event there, dressed as Marie Antoinette. My boyfriend and I got to have some delicious tea and desserts, listen to Leslie read a chapter from her book Notorious Royal Marriages, and talk to some interesting people. After the event we had the opportunity to chat with Leslie and her husband for a little while before she had to go and transform herself back into Leslie for another event. She is a wonderful woman and I am so glad that we got to meet. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I did a little shopping today and now we are getting ready for the Superbowl around here – just with the fam, nothing too crazy. I'm rooting for the Saints - they have always been my team (I chose them based on their insignia years ago, lol).

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  1. That sounds awesome! I love that picture with you and Leslie! YOU,re so lucky you got to meet with her and chat...listening to her read a chapter from her book must have been amazing. I think she's most probably one of the sweetest, brightest, kindest, wittiest and interesting authors of today:)

  2. I am going to start reading The Scarlet Lion in a week or so, really looking forward to it. So lucky you were able to go to the tea event and meet her! I think Ca is a little bit far away to drive there lol. Enjoy the game...Go Saints :)

  3. Oh, I's so jealous you got to meet Leslie! She looks so cute! I'm so glad you like The Greatest Knight - I knew you would! Watch out - Chadwick is addicting!!

    I am also green with envy that you're going to Book Blogger and Book Expo! You're gonna have so much fun!!! Hopefully next year all of us RT girls can meet there!

  4. Yeah, your team won! What a great opportunity the tea with Leslie Carroll was. Sounds like you will be attending two great events. Chadwick does write great books. I look forward to her next one.

  5. I really enjoyed The Greatest Knight and look forward to the Scarlet Lion. I bet you'll have a great time at BEA! Thanks for the great blog!

    I have an award I'd like to pass on to you over at my blog!

  6. I'll be at BEA as well - can't wait to meet you! And that tea looks like it was a blast. :)


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