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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Making of the Glass

While reading The Secret of the Glass by Donna Russo Morin I learned a lot about how the Murano glass was made. The entire first section of the book focuses on describing the methods and tools used in this trade among other things. While the descriptions were great, many people have complained that there is not a glossary for the Italian words – so I am providing one for the glass making process.

Borselle – tongs or pliers – used to form the hot glass
Canna da soffio – blowing pipe
Pontello – iron rod used to hold the glass object after the initial blowing to add the decorative touches
Scagno – glass makers work bench
Tagianti – glass cutting clipper

Now you may wonder how these tools all work together to make the beautiful glass you see above. Here is a video clip I found of some glass being made – all of the above tools are used. I always think that with these sorts of craft trades – it is better to see it happen than listen to it being described or reading about it.

Hope you have learned something about making Murano glass!

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  1. That video is amazing!! I loved the parts in the novel that described the glass making...how precise you have to be and the skill involved is crazy!

    Thanks for schooling us Heather!

  2. We have watched glass blowers in several venues and it is always fascinating. Blowing out the bubble of molten glass is more than most of us could handle. It takes a quick and steady hand.

  3. How cool is that? Thanks for posting that video, Heather.

  4. Heather- this was so good! Thanks:) On my next visit to Venice- I vow to go check one of these places out. It's fascinating!

  5. Great idea finding a video for the visual! Cool!

  6. I have always been fascinated by all forms of glass blowing. Thanks for this great post!


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