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Monday, October 12, 2009

Review Policy

Attention Authors & Publishers!
Updated 2/21/2011

Hello! I would love to hear from you if you have a book that you would like for me to review. Below you will find my review policy to give you a sense of what I will and will not review and what you can expect from me.

I operate this blog purely on my own time and I am uncompensated for my work on this blog. As I also have a full time job, my reading time is precious and I will be very selective as to what books I will accept for review. Also, I make every effort to respond to my emails in a timely fashion but I do not always respond to every one; please don’t hesitate to contact me again in the future regarding another reviewing opportunity nonetheless.

I will also participate in blog tours, host author interviews or guest posts, and conduct giveaways. Please contact me in regards to these opportunities as well.

If you are interested in having me review your book please send me an email at dolleygurl@hotmail.com with the information or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. I try to respond to most pitches for reviews - but sometimes will not if it is not something I will consider (as expanded below).

What I Will Review: The genres I am currently reviewing are historical fiction, biblical fiction, contemporary fiction, and non-fiction (focusing on royalty mostly right now for the non-fiction). I will review some YA novels within the historical setting as well.

At this time I am only accepting bound books and some audio books.

What I Will Not Review: I do not review books that have a contemporary setting – as my blog is essentially a historical based blog (fiction and non-fiction). I also do not review science fiction and most fantasy books (unless they are based more in the real world). I do not review books that are heavily erotic.

I will not review e-books or pdf’s. I don't have an e-reader and I will not read books on my computer (I spend too much time on the computer for my day job!).

What You Can Expect In My Reviews: I make it my top priority to write my honest opinions about the books I review. If there is something that doesn't work for me, I will write about it with support for why I feel that way. On this regard, even if I don't like the book, I will always be respectful in my reviews. I will not, under any circumstances, change my review.

If I cannot finish reading a book accepted for review because it is not working out for me, I will post a review of what I have read. I will also discuss what it was about the book that caused me to not finish reading it. At that time I will most likely offer the book to another blogger to read and review.

My Typical Reviews Include: A photo of the book cover, a link to the author's website/publisher's website/author's blog (whichever is applicable), some form of a summary of the book (usually the back cover blurb), and my opinions on the book.

I will never sell and ARC - I respect books too much for that. Almost under all circumstances I will keep the book; sometimes I will offer them to a blog reader in a giveaway.

Where I Will Post Reviews: All reviews I write will be posted on my blog and at least one other book site (Amazon.com, Goodreads, Shelfari, etc). I also make an effort to email you a link to my review.

At the time of posting the review a link will be posted on my Twitter page @dolleygurl as well as on my Facebook Fan site and Networked Blogs.

Time Frame for Reviews: I try to post my reviews during the month that the book is being released. If there is a specific day that you would like the review posted (such as during a tour or the like) let me know and I will work it into my schedule. Most requests are able to be scheduled.

If the book has already been published prior to contacting me about a review, it may take me a little longer to review it. I usually have a few laid out in advance, and I will read it as promptly as I can (usually within 2-4 months depending on how many reviews I have lined up).

I will accept unsolicited books but they will not necessarily be reviewed. If the book is not a good fit for me I will likely pass it on to another blogger for review or offer it through a giveaway on my blog. If the book is something I will read, I will make every effort to review it in a timely fashion, but be aware that because it was unsolicited I may already have a full review schedule and it may take some time.

Some Blog Traffic Details: As of January 2011, I have posted 450+ posts collecting in excess of 2,500 comments. Currently, over 300 people subscribe to my blog feed and over 250 people follow my blog publicly through Google. I also communicate information about my blog through my Twitter account (@dolleygurl) which has over 100 followers and through my blog's page on Facebook. I have surpassed 30,000 page views during the life of this blog with an average of 2,000 page visits per month.

My blog has an Alexa rank of 5,453,402, a blog grader score of 91%, and a Google PageRank of 4.

Additional Information:
• 2010 Book Expo America attendee in New York City
• 2010 Book Blogger Convention attendee in New York City
• Founding member of Historical Fiction Blogger Round Table website
• Intend to attend Historical Novel Society Conference in San Diego, CA


Thank you to Galleysmith, Devourer of Books and Maw Books Blog for helping me to create this review policy.

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