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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Author Event - Esther Friesner

Today I went to another author event - this time with young adult author Esther Friesner and her new book Sphinx's Princess (released September 22, 2009). The book is the first book of a two part series about Nefertiti - as a young girl in this one and as a queen in the sequel Sphinx's Queen (due out Fall 2010).

This was a small event - there were about a dozen people there, and Esther was the sweetest lady. We talked all about Egypt, the culture, her research, past and future works. She had a door prize raffle for a scarab beetle bead and my boyfriend won! Pretty cool since I brought him along for company. It being a small setting we got to ask all kinds of questions and it was nice compared to the huge one I was at for Audrey Niffenegger.

You may be familiar with Esther's previous works, Nobody's Princess and Nobody's Prize - about Helen of Troy. She also has another book coming out at the end of 2010 about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tragedy, tentitively titled Threads and Flames - if you don't know anything about this, check out the Wikipedia entry. I was very excited when she mentioned this, because I had to write a paper on this incident in my women's history/sociology class a year ago - so I will be looking forward to that one.

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  1. Wow! This continues to impress ma Dear! I don't know this author but am now looking into her books-Thanks:)

  2. Wow, I too have always been fascinated by the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, particulary since I live in NY, where you can walk by where the building used to be in the village. Now I have to look up her Helen of Troy books!

  3. I need to look up this author's books now! They sound fascinating.

  4. I got Nobody’s Princess and
    Nobody’s Prize on my tbr list. I love historical novels and am so curious if I'm going to enjoy the books. I'm prety sure i will. :)


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