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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Unique Opportunity - Get into an HF Novel!!

Have you ever wanted to have input in a historical fiction novel (or any novel for that matter)?  Well, now here is your chance!  I had to share this unique opportunity with you all because it is so cool.

Author Kathy Leonard Czepiel (author of A Violet Season) is looking for some input from readers to help get some of the finer details right in her upcoming novel.  I will use her description as to what she is looking for:

I'm in the final push of getting my second novel "finished" and ready to send to my agent this winter. It's set in 1929-1945 (well, really it stretches to 1950) and the protagonist is a woman photographer. The novel traces the evolution of her career, and also her love affair with a much younger man. In order to get the setting and the everyday details right, I've been asking my readers to send submissions to a project I'm calling 45 Treasures (in honor of 1945). It works like this: people send me a photo of an ordinary household item they have that dates from 1900 to 1945. I've been posting them in galleries on Pinterest and on my website, and when I'm ready, I will write 45 of those items into the novel itself!

How cool is that?! One of your items could end up someone in her novel!  I am going to have to sort through my grandmother's things and see if I have anything cool to submit. 

If you need some visual inspiration, here is a post Kathy has written about the project as well as the Pinterest page where she has been posting the submissions she has received.

You are are interested in submitting pictures you can email Kathy at KLCzepiel[at]att[dot]net.  I would submit you photos in the next week or two as she is getting close to getting ready to include the items into the book. 


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  1. This is a cool idea! I have tons of things from that time period, appliances, toys, furnishings.


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