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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Movie Review: La Banda Picasso


La Banda Picasso (aka. Picasso’s Gang)
Fernando Colomo Producciones Cinematogr√°ficas S.L.
101 mins.
January 25, 2013
Rated: PG-13 (my personal rating)

I decided to watch this film because I had seen the trailer for it while looking up films about or featuring Picasso. The film is described as a comedic crime film – focusing primarily on theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre. The trailer made the film look to be a lighthearted caper and drew me in based on that. Despite how foreign films can require a lot of concentration and feel heavier because of the need to focus (if you are unfamiliar with the language) I expected this film to have a lighter feel to it.

As I have learned, sometimes the segments shown in the trailers are really the only “good” parts of the whole movie. I didn’t find the film to be comedic at all, not even in the vaguest sense. The plot felt very heavy and plodding. If I had to classify it, I would have called the film more of a drama – and not a crime drama like that label would lead you to believe.

The acting was good – I thought they all had a pretty decent chemistry considering they are supposed to be a tight band of friends. I didn’t feel that I really got to know the characters, but that could have been due more to the fact it wasn’t in my primary language and I spent most of the time reading the subtitles rather that getting the feeling behind the words.

If you like foreign films, and particularly if you are fluent in French, I would say this film might be worth the watch. If you don’t have any knowledge of French, you might have a hard time getting the feel of the film through the subtitles.

Check out this trailer:



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  1. Sounds like one I will avoid! Very tempted by Juliet's Nurse, shown on the right on this blog. Look forward to seeing your review.


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