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Monday, July 7, 2014

Mailbox Monday #173


Hello lovelies!  It has been a few weeks without a Mailbox Monday and a week of me being incommunicado.  So here is what I received in the last couple weeks.


I picked up a few on audiobook – one for review and two for personal reading:

  • Triangle: The Fire That Changed America by David von Drehle (purchased from Audible).  I am obscenely fascinated by disasters – I have hosted event weeks on the blog for the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, the Titanic, and the Hartford Circus Fire.  I studied the Triangle Fire in my women’s history class in college.  I have wanted to get my hands on this book for awhile and now I have it (expect an event week in the future).
  • Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson (purchased from Audible).  See the above description under Triangle for why I selected this book.  I have already started listening to it and the narration and writing are awesome!
  • The Typewriter Girl by Alyson Atlee (received for review). I was interested in this book before it came out and then when HFVBT offered the audiobook for review I jumped on it.

I had another Netgalley request explosion about 2 weeks ago – and all those books rolled in over the last week as well (why do I do this to myself!!!)

  • The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin – Loved The American Heiress, and although I have heard some mixed things about this book, I’m looking forward to read it.
  • The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron – Hadn’t heard of this one before, but the blurb (and cover!) sucked me in.  There is a giveaway for it going on at Goodreads right now (click on the link above).  This may also be the first in a series.
  • America 1844: Religious Fervor, Westward Expansion, and the Presidential Election that Transformed the Nation by John Bicknell – A non-fiction book set during the time of westward expansion in America and also looking at one of my favorite presidents, James K. Polk. 
  • The Queen’s Handmaid by Tracey L. Higley – I haven’t had the chance to read any Higley books yet, but I have been slowly collecting them on my Kindle and would love to read this one, set in the courts of Cleopatra and King Herrod.
  • The Summer Queen by Elizabeth Chadwick – Elizabeth Chadwick…need I say more!  This is the first novel in her Eleanor of Aquitaine series.
  • The Ugly Renaissance: Sex, Greed, Violence, and Depravity in an Age of Beauty by Alexander Lee – The dirty underside of the Renaissance! Sounds delicious!
  • Sisters of Treason by Elizabeth Fremantle – Fremantle is another author whose writing I enjoy and I’m looking forward to reading the sequel to The Queen’s Gambit.
  • The Winter Guest by Pam Jenoff – I previously read The Ambassador’s Daughter by this same author and thought it was a good read – so I’m looking forward to this one too.

And nothing would be complete without my 2 random purchases from Amazon for my Kindle:

  • Clara and Mr. Tiffany by Susan Vreeland – Art Fiction!! I have had my eye on this one for awhile and it went on sale on Amazon recently so I snagged it.
  • To Hold the Crown by Jean Plaidy – Jean Plaidy – enough said!

So what did you get this week?

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  1. Woow, that is a big haul. I love to get introduced to new non-fiction books. I find that non-fiction is one of the hardest genre's to find interesting books in. Triangle, however, seems very interesting :). I always find amazing titles in your mailbox mondays. A lot of them have found a way unto my wishlist :)

  2. Great haul! I loved The Summer Queen and Sisters of Treason. I can't wait to see what you think!


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