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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mailbox Monday #152


Welcome to Mailbox Monday!  Over the last 2 weeks I obtained 3 books that I want to share with you here.


  • Founding Rivals by Chris DeRose (Audible) – I have always been a fan of President James Madison, but I don’t know very much about his successor, James Monroe.  I also didn’t know that there was a rivalry.  I picked this one up for my ongoing Presidential reading list.
  • Lindbergh by A. Scott Berg (download audio from publisher) – Lindbergh has also always held a fascination for me – since I learned about his baby’s kidnapping several years ago. When I saw that this was available to review, I jumped on it.
  • Stowaway by Karen Hesse – (purchased from Mystic Seaport) – This was a surprise purchase for me for two reasons – first of all I didn’t realize that this book even existed, and second I found it in a museum gift shop and impulse bought. 

That’s it for me – how about you?

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  1. All new to me. Enjoy them all and have a good week.

  2. FOUNDING RIVALS is a book I have heard about. Should be interesting. We have JEFFERSON: THE ART OF POWER. I'll get to it when my husband is finished.
    I just checked Stowaway by Karen Hesse on Amazon. Sounds like a great story.

    1. I've been very very slowly reading The Art of Power. Enjoying it but it isn't my highest priority right now. Stowaway was something I just happened across - didn't even know it was out there.


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