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Friday, April 23, 2010

Upcoming on The History Channel - America: The Story of Us

I never pay much attention to commercials while watching television, but this one certainly caught my eye and I thought that I would share this with you all.

The History Channel is kicking off a 6 night, 12 hour, series covering the entire history of America. Here is a summary of this event from their website:

"America: The Story of Us is an epic 12-hour television event that tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented. With highly realistic CGI animation, dramatic recreations and thoughtful insights from some of America's most respected artists, business leaders, academics and intellectuals, it is the first television event in nearly 40 years to present a comprehensive telling of America's history. Elaborate, ambitious and cinematic, America: The Story of Us will take you into the moments when Americans harnessed technology to advance human progress, from the rigors of linking the continent by transcontinental railroad--the internet of its day--to triumphing over vertical space through the construction of steel structured buildings to putting a man on the moon. It is an intensive look at the people, places and things that have shaped our nation, and the tough and thrilling adventure that is America's 400-year history."
So, the first episode begins this Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 9 PM EST. The first episode, Rebels, will be about the road to the Declaration of Independence.

"In 1607, a small group of English adventurers lands in Jamestown. Thirteen years later the Pilgrims settle in Plymouth, New England. These men and women are all driven by the promise of a new life, and all face huge dangers from disease, starvation and conflict. The two colonies are very different, yet in time both grow. One man’s entrepreneurial dream, tobacco, and the first African Americans, turn the swamps of the South into a land of opportunity. The hardworking and resourceful Puritans forge the North into a trading powerhouse with shipbuilding at its core. Within 100 years, they have the highest standard of living in the world--a testament to a unique American spirit. Yet success and wealth prompt British jealousy, taxation, resistance and, finally, war. This is the story of how, over seven generations, a group of European settlers survive against all odds, claw themselves up and then turn against their colonial masters. A diverse group of men, women and children are about to become truly American." (from The History Channel website).
Hope you will be tuning in - I might do some mini-reviews/my opinions of the episodes as we go along.

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  1. Thank you so much for the heads-up on this series. I missed it when looking through the newspaper's TV guide.

  2. I saw this too and now have to figure out how to get my DVR to work. heh. 6 nights in a row is tough.


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