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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jane Seymour - Follower, Pawn, or Schemer?

What role did Jane play in the downfall of Queen Anne Boleyn? I want to look at the three schools of thought as to what role she may have played.

The most pervasive thought is that she was merely at the whim of the King and followed his command. The King was losing interest in the Queen and his eye happened to fall on Jane. She was the opposite of Anne - quiet, devout, and unargumentative - just what he was looking for.

Another similar school of thought is that Jane was a pawn of her brothers who worked her in front of the King when it was expected he was losing interest in the Queen. This suggests that Jane was unintelligent and just followed along with her family's ambitions - which can possibly be supported by the fact that she could hardly write her own name.

A third, and smaller, school of thought is that Jane had an active, scheming role in becoming the next Queen of England. This idea was supported by none other than Queen Anne herself. She suggested that Jane deliberately put herself before the King when there was trouble for the Queen.

I tend to believe that she probably was just a follower of what the King wanted, that seems to be what her personality was. One side of me though, thinks it would be really funny if she was scheming to bring down Anne Boleyn, just as she did to Catherine of Aragon. It would be like Karma.

What are your opinions?

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  1. Thanks for posting about the comp Dolleygurl! I agree with you I tend to think she was a follower, she seems to passive to have been calculating. Great post!


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