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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Audiobook Review: The Prophet and the Witch by James W. George

Prophet and the Witch Cover  Art FInal Upload
The Prophet and the
Witch by James W. George
Book 2 in My Father’s Kingdom series
Unabridged, 11 hr. 18 min.
James W. George
Angus Freathy (narrator)
January 10, 2018
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Genre: Historical fiction

Source: Received download from author for Audiobookworm Promotions tour

Puritans. Quakers. Pirates. Mohawks. Witches. And a brutal war…

If you thought New England was dull in the 1670s, get ready for a history lesson.

In the critically acclaimed “My Father’s Kingdom,” debut author James W. George transported his readers to 1671 New England, and the world of Reverend Israel Brewster. It was a world of faith, virtue, and love, but it was also a world of treachery, hatred, and murder.
Four years later, Brewster is a disgraced outcast, residing in Providence and working as a humble cooper. Despite his best efforts, war could not be averted, and now, “King Philip’s War” has begun.

The rebellion is led by Metacomet, known as “King Philip” to the English colonists. He is the tormented son of the great Massasoit, and leader of the Wampanoag nation. Once the most reliable of Plymouth Colony’s allies, they are now the bitterest of enemies. Meanwhile, Metacomet’s mysterious counselor, Linto, despises this war and will do anything to end the bloodshed.

Meticulously researched, “The Prophet and the Witch” is a tale of hope and brotherhood in the face of evil and violence. It features the remarkable cast of fictional and historical characters from book one, including Josiah Winslow, Linto, Increase Mather, Constance Wilder, and Jeremiah Barron. Additionally, new characters such as America’s first ranger, Captain Benjamin Church, bring this chapter of history to life like never before.

As with the first novel in this series, I really enjoyed that this series takes on the subject matter of King Phillip’s War. This is an event that is very often overlooked, but very important in the history of early America. Whereas the first novel focused on the early events that led up to the start of the war, this novel deals with the actual war itself. We are witness to battles and strategies (and failures) on both sides and it was interesting to see how the two different sides perceived this war. This book picks up essentially where the prior left off and as it has been a little while since I read it, it did take me a little longer to ease my way back in and reacquaint myself with the events (again since this isn’t a period I am familiar with).

I enjoyed being able to see the characters that we were introduced to in the first novel grow here in the second. Brewster has become very different from his earlier incarnation thanks to his fall from his high place and I always enjoy the scenes with Linto as I find him to be a dynamic character. Religion plays a huge role in the decisions of both sides in this war and George does an excellent job in bringing the reader into the mindset of what was going on at the time. This book addresses much more of the brutality and reality of war during this time: surprise attacks, disfigurement, death, loss of children and loss of innocence among others. I feel that George accurately reflects the perspectives and feelings of the time across his cast of characters – some who would feel sympathetic, others who are vindictive, and those who fall somewhere in between.

There is to be a third book in this series, but I’m not sure what direction it will go because this book felt very resolved (whereas the first book felt open ended). I am interested in seeing where the author takes this next.



Angus Freathy does a very good job narrating this book. His more subtle British accent lends itself well to the personification of the colonial characters. Freathy creates unique voices for all of his characters which lends itself to their uniqueness and how they stand out as individuals in my mind even looking back on it. I loved that Freathy actually sang the songs that make appearance in the novel rather than simply reading them. While not an excellent singer, his attempt at this made the listening experience feel more full and to what the author would have wanted the reader to experience; I know that I tend to sing songs in my head when I encounter them on the page even when I have no point of reference for the tune. I also liked that they had a female singing a song that they were to have overheard in the church, which was a nice touch.

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  1. Thank you for your honest review, it's much appreciated!

  2. OO! Interesting! Can't help but be curious about early America

  3. Hi Heather! This is what I like about book tours: getting to 'meet' new-to-me bloggers. Congrats on 9 years; that's quite an achievement!

  4. I've not seen this book anywhere on the blogs. Thanks for the review.

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