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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Top 5: My Favorite Series


I realized that I only make lists at the end of the calendar year when I’m looking back at what I have accomplished, but there are so many other times when a list of awesome things would be appropriate.  I know I’m always finding cool bookish things that I want to share with you all, so I’m starting this Top 5 series to highlight some of those items.  I read a lot of series, so I thought it would be cool to explore what my top 5 series are, and I did limit myself to those in the historical fiction genre only.

5. The Little Season by Kasey Michaels

the little season

Experience the drama of the Little Season in the first of a NEW trilogy in which three dashing war heroes have finally met their matches...

I have read all three books in this series (I kept thinking there was supposed to be 4, so now I’m a little disappointed!)  This is a historical romance where each book focuses on a different couple.  I loved the wit with which Kasey Michaels writes her characters and their situations.  This is the series that got me interested in historical romance.

My Reviews:

More about the Little Season series, to include excerpts from all 3 books, can be found here. 

4. Montana Gallaghers by M.K. McClintock

montana gallaghers

Adventure, danger, and timeless love—a series about a frontier family's legacy, healing old wounds, and fighting for the land they love.

While technically a historical western romance series, this is heavy on the western and a little lighter on the romance.  The romance just develops with the characters, but it’s really about the family structure and the drama that unfolds on the Montana frontier.  I have raced through all the books in the series and love the characters that McClintock creates.

My Reviews:

More about the Montana Gallaghers series, including excerpts and video snippets, can be found here.

3. The Empress of Rome by Kate Quinn

empress of rome

National bestselling author Kate Quinn brings the power, politics, and passion of ancient Rome to vivid life in this historical fiction series.

I love Kate Quinn’s Empress of Rome series.  She doesn’t shy away from the gritty drama.  They can be read out of order (I skipped book 3 and read book 4) but they do build on each other.  Daughters of Rome can stand alone much better than the other 3.  This is how I like my Roman HF.

My Reviews:

More about The Empress of Rome series, including excerpts, can be found here.

2. Renegades of the American Revolution by Donna Thorland


The Renegades of the American Revolution are historical novels set during the War of Independence. The installments can be read in any order. Each novel presents a complete, stand-alone story, though certain characters do recur throughout the series.

While I may have only read 2 of these so far (I own the other two) these have been some of my most anticipated reads.  I love the American Revolution as a time period for historical fiction and Thorland has chosen some interesting moments to feature in her novels.  And they are full of drama.  And the book covers are to die for!!!

My Reviews:

More about the Renegades of the American Revolution series, including excerpts, bibliographies, and reader’s guides, can be found here.

1. The Spymaster Chronicles by C. W. Gortner

spymaster chronicles

THE TUDOR ERA WAS ONE OF INTRIGUE, DANGER, AND SPIES . . . .Filled with the intrigue and pageantry of Tudor England, this is the story of a young man who becomes the intimate spy of England's future queen.

Gortner’s Spymaster Chronicles are my favorite books of his.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our feisty Renaissance queens, but the action/adventure/thriller nature of the books in this series keep me reading until too late in the night.  Brendan, the main character, has been on my Hunky Heroes list too, so that shows that the author can write quite the fascinating man.  I have heard rumor that a fourth book could be in the works in the future and I so hope it’s true because even though the trilogy wraps up well, I would love to see more of this story.  This is one of those Tudor novels that I can’t get tired of even when others are feeling old hat.

My Reviews:

More about The Spymaster Chronicles series, including excerpts and readers guides, can be found here.


What are your thoughts?  Have you read any of these series?  What would be in your list of top series you have read?


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  1. I have read and loved Kate Quinn's Empress of Rome series. Also read CW Gortner's Spymaster Chronicles, liked it but wouldn't say it's a favorite. My all time favorite series is Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon, so thrilled that it's still going! Next favorite (and it's a close favorite) is Bernard Cornwell's Saxon stories, starring Uhtred the warrior, also still being written. Also loved Elizabeth Chadwick's William Marshall series. Rounding out my favorites list would be Steven Saylor's Roma sub Rosa stories.

    1. I was considering adding Outlander and Chadwick to my list, but I have featured them several times in Top 5 already and wanted to spread the love a little. I have read only 2 of the Cornwell Saxon books and I enjoyed them but haven't had a chance to get back to them. Haven't ready any Saylor, but I feel like my husband might have read one. Great list!

  2. I was so excited to find this great list of historical fiction! Thank you so much for sharing with your readers. I just read the first book in a fantastic series called, "Robbing the Pillars" by Kalen Vaughan Johnson. The main character, Scottish immigrant, James MacLaren has to flee Scotland with his family after killing a man and in hopes of a better life. They head to California during the Gold Rush and he takes on the very difficult job of mining. It's a phenomenal family saga and you get to watch the family grow and definitely become attached to them all! I can't recommend it enough. Perhaps it can be added to a future list. You can read more about it here: http://kalenvaughanjohnson.com/

    Thanks again!

    1. That sounds like an interesting series, I will have to go look it up! Thanks for sharing!


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