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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Forever on My Nightstand

Do you have a book that has been forever on your nightstand (or wherever you keep books you are in the middle of)?  Something that you want to pursue, but can’t make it go away?  I do.

That book is The Summer Garden by Paulina Simmons.


There it sits in all its nightstand glory…waiting for the next time I attempt to read a few more pages.  See, I’ve a love/hate relationship with this book.  This is book 3 in the beloved Bronze Horseman series, and I DEVOURED The Bronze Horseman and Tatiana and Alexander and loved both of them.  However, I’m struggling hard with this one.  It just is lacking what made those other two great. 

Do you want to know how long this has been on my nightstand?  I started reading it on February 8…2014!!! It has made it through 3 moves!! According to my Goodreads updates (which I am religious about updating) I didn’t even pick it up in 2016.   In those 3 years I have made it exactly 277 pages of 752, or 36% of the way.  I know I could just give up on it, and really I sort of have, but I would have an issue with not completing this series that I loved the majority of so much.

Sigh…so there it sits taking up prime real estate.

Do you have anything like this?  Maybe not quite as dramatic, but who knows!  I would love to hear!


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  1. Oh my gosh, even I haven't kept a book on my "currently reading" shelf that long ;)! Seriously though, I will most likely skim through the book before holding on to reading it that long. I would probably forget what I had already read when I went back to it!

    1. I'm playing with the idea of DNF, because I don't want to pick it back up...

  2. So much dust has collected on so many books. LOL I am ashamed. D:


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