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Friday, January 13, 2017

Audiobook Discussions: What Do You Listen To?

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I have been doing a lot of audiobook listening lately and I attended a recent blogger webinar about audiobook reviewing which got me thinking more and more about audiobooks.  So I wanted to know more of what you think about them!  From there, Audiobook Discussions has been born!

So this should be a simple question – what do you listen to?  Do you have a certain genre that you listen to exclusively on audio? 

For the most part i find that I listen to a lot more non-fiction, contemporary fiction, and romance titles on audiobook.  These are genres that I enjoy reading but don’t often review and because of that I can’t fit them into my schedule for print books – it’s all just too full!!  While I review some audiobooks, my schedule is much more open and I can enjoy books that I might not otherwise have time for.  I have been listening to the Outlander series mostly because those books are so long it would take me forever to get through a print version (I mean, the shortest audio is like 39 hours long!) 

I would love to hear what you listen to!  Or check out my other posts on Why and How you listen!



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  1. I like listening to books read in first person best, it feels like they are talking to me telling their story. I am struggling with the 5th Outlander book right now, the story just isn't keeping my attention.

    1. That is a really cool feature of listening to audiobooks from the first person!

      And it doesn't help that the book is so long!! Good luck!

  2. Historical fiction! For some reason, it's the easiest genre for me to listen to, maybe because I'm familiar with the tropes and can enjoy the lush descriptions.

    1. A book that excels at world building can be an excellent choice to listen to as it can bring it to vivid life for the listener!

  3. 9 months ago I sustained a concussion which has forced me to try audiobooks. I really prefer the tangible book, but I am enjoying the freedom of listening when I am cleaning my kitchen or when I am laying down for a rest. I am in the process of writing my first hist/fiction novel, so thats what I have been listening to, since I'm not well enough to write my own book. Thanks for asking. If you want to connect. www.lindamariezupancic.com. twitter @MarindaSkynner


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