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Monday, October 24, 2016

Book Review: Cherished by Vivi Holt

Cherished by Vivi Holt
Book 9 in the Cutter’s Creek series
e-book, 149 pages
Black Lab Press
October 6, 2016

Heat Rating:

Genre: Historical Fiction, Western, Romance

Source: Received from the Author for Beta and Review
Camilla Brown always wanted a family of her own. But it seemed destiny had other plans. She’d begun to feel as though she'd always be in the background, helping others build their families, leaving her dreams to wilt and die. 

That is, until the handsome Winston Frank comes courting at the church picnic. But then, Sheriff Clifford Brentwood sweeps her off her feet, literally! Both men make her pulse race. Both are determined to claim her love. Only one can win her heart.

When an unexpected danger threatens her very life, Camilla will have to make a choice. Who will she choose?
Cherished is the continuation of the story of Camilla Brown that originated in her brother’s story, Betrothed. While this is technically the 9th book in the multi-author Cutter’s Creek series, you certainly do not need to have read all 8 preceding it to enjoy this book (I haven’t), but I would recommend reading Betrothed first to find out how Camilla got to Cutter’s Creek and get some backstory.

Camilla has always been the one that supports everyone else around her and hasn’t looked out for herself: her siblings back home and then later her brother and his wife and kids upon arriving in Cutter’s Creek. Once she finds that her brother is finally settled down she decides it’s time to focus on herself and finding her own man. But…then she attracts a little too much attention from the opposite sex and has to decide between two equally wonderful men.

I don’t mind the choosing between two men trope that was actually relatively well-handled, but I did feel like she had chosen the wrong man in the end, which is unusual in a romance novel as you are typically pretty sure who will be the victor in the end. Don’t get me wrong, I think that both men were worthy individuals for her heart, however, I felt that more time was spent establishing the relationship between Camilla and Bachelor #1, than her and Bachelor #2 (not trying to give away any spoilers here hence no names) so it felt a little out of left field when she didn’t choose Bachelor #1. She certainly spends a lot of time waffling between the two men, but she never actually comes up with a good reason that she decides on Bachelor #2.

I really enjoyed following the story of Sheriff Clifford and his quest to transfer a wanted criminal to another jurisdiction. That provided some interesting action sequences and I was cheering him on to succeed. Winston is a swine rancher with a successful farm, we didn’t get any action events from him, but he was very kind and caring. Camilla gets herself into quite a situation where she physically needs rescuing and both men come to her rescue making her choice all the more difficult in the end. I did however enjoy that Camilla got her own action storyline and it wasn’t just left to the men.

I would rank Cherished at an equivalent level with Betrothed, having some issues with both, but ultimately enjoying both. I love how this story fits into the larger Cutter’s Creek world and some prior characters make a return, such as Camilla’s aunt and uncle and Charlotte’s parents make a reappearance too for a mysterious reason, which I’m sure we will see more about in a subsequent book.

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