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Monday, September 12, 2016

TV Show Review: Home Fires (Season 1)

Home Fires - Season 1
ITV Studios
45 Minutes Episodes (6)
October 2015 (US)

There are so many shows and movies that are made about World War II that take place on the battlefield in some way or another, but not much centers on the life on the home front, the life at home. Home Fires brings the viewer into the lives of several women living in a rural village in England dealing with the effects of the war on them. While these women didn’t serve on the battlefield they served in a different way – they handled the privations brought to them by rationing and restrictions and also came up with some brilliant ideas of how to give even more to their men on the front.

I loved how the show covered not only the ways the war affected their lives, but also the everyday stuff that occurred at that time – affairs, marriages, jobs, and class issues. It was well balanced in the handling of these two different elements of the show.

There was an extensive cast and quite honestly I couldn’t remember any of their names while watching the show, however each character was a distinct individual and stood out in my mind for what they were going through. I thought there was some excellent acting here and they were all believable in their roles. The costume and setting were beautiful.

I binge watched this show in two sittings – absolutely inhaled it. It left me wanting more at the end of the series – ending in 1940, so there is more story to tell for sure. Glad I listened to all the recommendations from friends to watch the show!

Here is a trailer of this show for your enjoyment.


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  1. I LOVED the first season of Home Fires!! I can't wait for the next season, whenever that is!

    1. From what I gather, the second season aired in the UK earlier this year and then they cancelled it after that (despite stellar ratings and reviews) because they wanted to go another direction.


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