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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Book Review: Becoming George Washington by Stephen Yoch

Becoming George Washington by Stephen Yoch
E-Book, 382 pages
Wise Ink Creative Publishing
September 1, 2015

Genre: Historical Fiction, President

Source: Received from Author/Publisher for review with HFVBT tour

George Washington, action hero . . .

Long before Washington was the old man on the dollar bill, he was a fatherless boy with few resources and even less education. So how did he become the most famous person in American history?

Becoming George Washington tells the story of a young man with boundless energy, bravery, and passion, who grew from a fatherless boy into a self-confident leader. At the same time, he struggled to suppress both an awful temper and his love for a married woman, Sally Fairfax. A courageous war hero, Washington rose to the pinnacle of Virginia politics. His experiences as a young man allowed him, decades later, to lead the Revolution.

This compelling historical novel reveals the person behind the famous face and how he grew to become America’s leading Founding Father.

Everyone knows the story of George Washington the great man that led the Continental Army to victory and then went on to become the First President of the United States. But what do they really know of the years that came before (because he was in his later life by that point)? The answer for most, not too much! Author Stephen Yoch takes the reader back in time to the years that really formed young George Washington into the man he would later become.

As someone who LOVES to read and learn about the presidents, I jumped at the chance to read this novel treatment of the earlier days of the first president. I have read some non-fiction that covered his earlier years, but even in non-fiction there is not usually an extended focus on this time period, with the desire to focus on his generalship or presidency. In this novel, we only see Washington in his younger iteration, and see what led to the man that the majority of us know.

For a man who just wanted to return to being a farmer in his later years, that was anything but what the young Washington wanted to do. Like most, he wanted to spread his wings and take on the world – and create a couple little scandals along the way maybe? Yoch does an excellent job of bringing this seemingly mythical man back down to earth and rooting him in the somewhat average life he led. He didn’t just wake up one day and was magically the man the country needed. He struggled and overcame and made mistakes all along the way. He made the man REAL and I felt that I really got to know him here and get inside his head.

I feel very comfortable recommending this book to any fan of presidential studies or of the early period of the United States.

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