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Friday, March 13, 2015

Livestream and George Washington's Mount Vernon

Do you live in an area where authors never seem to visit, so you do not have the opportunity to go out an listen to them talk about their newest book?  Are you a fan of non-fiction or presidential history?  Well, if so, I may have found an awesome thing for you to check out (I love it!).


George Washington's Mount Vernon hosts many authors of presidential history and early American history.  They recently have joined Livestream to share their book talks and other events with the wider audience - LIVE!!  As I am composing this post (Thursday night) I am preparing to watch/listen to their talk by Laura Auricchio about the Marquis de Lafayette.  So you don't even have to wait until the video happens to appear on their website or found randomly during a Youtube search!  Additionally, they keep an archive of the past videos, so even if you miss it live you can watch it later.  I have to check and see if any other locations are using Livestream.

Livestream is fairly easy to use - they even have an app for your smartphone where you can watch the video (it will alert you to when an event you are following is scheduled to begin and you can even add the event to your calendar.  I think the biggest complaint is that it seems to take a few minutes to load up after going "live", but I can live with that.


Here are some of the events that George Washington's Mount Vernon has coming up:

  • March 23 - Annual Martha Washington Lecture with Cokie Roberts, author of Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation
  • April 1 - Michelle Smith Lecture Series with Lorri Glover, author of Founders as Fathers: The Private Lives and Politics of America's Revolutionaries
  • April 16 - Ford Evening Book Talk with Lynne Cheney, author of James Madison: A Life Reconsidered
  • May 5 - Michelle Smith Lecture Series with David O. Stewart, author of Madison's Gift: Five Partnerships that Built America
  • May 14 - Ford Evening Book Talk with Kathleen Bartoloni-Tuazon, author of For Fear of an Elective King: George Washington and the Presidential Controversy of 1789
  • May 19 - Michelle Smith Lecture Series with Libby Haight O'Connell, author of The American Plate: A Culinary History in 100 Bites
  • June 23 - Ford Evening Book Talk with Aaron David Miller, author of The End of Greatness: Why America Can't Have (and Doesn't Want) Another Great President
  • July 23 - Ford Evening Book Talk with Cassandra Good, author of Founding Friendships: Friendships Between Men and Women in the Early American Republic
  • August 25 - Ford Evening Book Talk with David and Jeanne Heidler, author of Washington's Circle: The Creation of the President
  • September 16 - Ford Evening Book Talk with Andrea Wulf, author of The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt's New World

You can find George Washington's Mount Vernon on Livestream under the name gwmountvernon.  Hope you check them out sometimes.  Do you watch anything else on Livestream?


Disclaimer: This post is not a promotional piece, but a post based on a really cool site/feature that I found.  I have not been compensated in any way for my post/opinions.



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