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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! - Goals for 2015

What would a New Year be without some sort of goals/resolutions/etc.?  I'm not really making any resolutions in my personal life - they never tend to be accomplished, so why make them?  But, that being said, I would like to make some goals for The Maiden's Court in 2015. 


resolutions 3 

So I set 5 goals for this year.  Let me elaborate.

  1. I have dabbled with expanding my Facebook and Twitter presence this year.  I have it set to auto-post every time something is posted to the blog, but I like the personal element too.  This year was mostly me sharing book and history related articles that I found while browsing the web.  And that is something I intend to continue doing in 2015.  But I find that there is more interest in posts where I share photos of books, share discussion thoughts, etc., so I'm going to try to do some more of that.
  2. One of the things I enjoy discussing on Facebook and other sites is random book/literary related topics.  So, I'm going to start a once a month post series where the topic is something of reading/blogging interest and hope to spur some discussion amongst bloggers/readers to learn what people like.  I'm excited about this new possibility. 
  3. I did get a chance to read many more of my own books this year than in prior years.  This has been something I have been hoping to do for awhile now.  While I still intend to accept review books, I'm just going to be a little bit more selective with the books I accept to review so that I don't have so many reviewing commitments I can't read my own books.
  4. I used to be better at my cross posting of my reviews.  It sort of tailed off this year with how busy I was.  I intend to get caught back up with the cross posting I am behind on and then try to create a method to stay on top of it with new reviews.
  5. This is the one that I am most passionate about - I have done so few of my signature posts this year.  But I'm determined to write them on a more regular basis in 2015 because this was something that I loved about how it was something different that I did on my blog, that I didn't see on other blogs.  Stay tuned for more Two Sides, Caught on Tape, and Weekend Cooking (historically related) posts in the new year!


Thanks for hanging in with me and I look forward to sharing 2015 with you all!


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  1. Hi Heather! Happy new year and hopes this finds you well. I think lots of us are getting back to basics in 2015. Great goals and good luck meeting them :)

    1. We will see how I do sticking to them - I'm not so good with the follow through.


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