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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Speeches Made by Charles Lindbergh

Following his successful arrival in Paris after crossing the Atlantic, Charles Lindbergh was much sought after by all types of groups to give speeches. He started out with speeches about his flight and the future of flying. As World War II began and then came to the USA, Lindbergh gave speeches about maintaining neutrality and America First. You can read transcripts of many of these speeches, but I think that listening to them has more of an impact. Check out some of these below:

President Calvin Coolidge honoring Lindbergh home following his crossing of the Atlantic, presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross, and Lindbergh addressing the crowd on June 11, 1927:

Charles Lindbergh speaking on attempting to prevent the horrors befalling Europe and WWII on October 13, 1939:

Lindbergh speaking at an America’s First meeting on September 11, 1941 encouraging neutrality:

I can tell you, he doesn’t sound anything like I imagined he would but he is an interesting speaker.


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  1. Replies
    1. I think what I find the most fascinating is that he gave speeches on such a wide variety of things and I had no idea he was so political.


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