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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Little Bit of Trivia about Presidential Portraits

  • Did you know…that all the official Presidential portraits are painted in oils?
  • Did you know…that (in modern times) until the president leaves office the official portrait is a photograph?
  • Did you know…that the sitting president often displays the official portraits of presidents they admired throughout the White House?
  • Did you know…that the official portrait of Kennedy was painted after his death and does not reflect his character but rather the mood surrounding his assassination?
  • Did you know…that famous painter, John Singer Sargent, known for his painting of Madame X, was the official portrait painter of Theodore Roosevelt?
  • Did you know…that the first presidential portrait, of George Washington, was painted by Gilbert Stuart?
  • Did you know…that the first ladies also have official portraits painted (although not all of the early ones)?

Here are a few of my favorites:

John F. Kennedy by Aaron Shikler

abraham lincoln official portrait
Abraham Lincoln by George P.A. Healy

theodore roosevelt official portrait
Theodore Roosevelt by John Singer Sargent

harry truman official portrait
Harry Truman by Martha Greta Kempton

Jacqueline_Lee_Bouvier_Kennedy official portrait
Jacqueline Kennedy by Aaron Shikler

helen taft official portrait
Helen Taft by Bror Kronstrand

dolley madison official portrait
Dolley Madison by Gilbert Stuart

lucy hayes official portrait
Lucy Hayes (couldn’t find the artist)

Here you can check out the entire official presidential portrait gallery and the entire official first lady portrait gallery. If you visit the National Portrait Gallery you can check them out in person.


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