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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Cooking: Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes

Another edition of Weekend Cooking and this one takes us back to the Gilded Age of Newport!

These warm winter days we have been having here lately, and the flowers that I have seen starting to spring up early, led me to thinking about the Newport Flower Show. I have not been to the actual flower show, but I have been to Newport during it and everything is so beautiful. One of the grand houses that always has beautiful flowers (and the name implies it too) is Rosecliff.
Rosecliff at Newport, RI

You may have seen Rosecliff before and not know it – have you ever seen The Great Gatsby or Amistad? Portions of these films were set here. It was also modeled after the Grand Trianon at Versailles.

Anyway, Rosecliff was known for its lavish garden parties that were hosted amongst the gorgeous flowers. This week’s recipe comes from the garden party themed dishes from Entertaining Newport Style.
A Rosecliff Garden Party Under the Tent

Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes
Serves 8

1-2 Tablespoons unsalted butter
16 oz. cream cheese, softened
½ cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 Tablespoons brandy
1 pint fresh blueberries

1) Preheat oven to 350°F. Butter 8 ramekins lightly.
2) Beat the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla in a mixing bowl until blended and creamy. Beat in the eggs. Fill the ramekins ¾ full with batter.
3) Bake for 15-18 minutes or until the centers are set. Let stand until cool. Chill, covered, for 4-6 hours.
4) Combine the cream and the brandy in a mixing bowl and beat until stiff peaks form.
5) To serve, top each cheesecake with a generous amount of whipped cream and sprinkle with blueberries.

This was my first try at cheesecakes and I was surprised at how easy it was to make. I actually cut the recipe in half (because I only have 4 ramekins) and it worked out great. I would recommend adding sugar to the whipped cream, at least a tablespoon – otherwise it is going to taste like fluffy brandy. If you like that taste that’s fine, but I liked it MUCH better with some sweetness to counteract the strength of the brandy. This was the perfect sized portion for a dessert and quite tasty. It would be refreshing for a summer party for sure.

I also have noticed from cooking these historical recipes, they used brandy in an awful lot of things.  Which is ultimately a good thing for me since this bottle of brandy is going to sit forever if my cupboard otherwise!

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  1. I love Newport..those 'cottages' are unbelievable.
    and that little cheesecake looks delicious.

    1. Yeah it really sets the wealth in your mind that they were their "summer cottages"!

  2. Rosecliff is amazing! The little blueberry cheesecakes look great! You did a good job and adding some sugar to the whipped cream makes sense.

    1. As I was making the whipped cream I remembered that my grandmother used to always add sugar to the whipped cream. I tried it first without the sugar and then decided it was absolutely necessary! Thanks Grandma!

  3. Rosecliff looks so incredible and I will definitely try your cheesecakes; they look yummy!

    1. Rosecliff is absolutely beautiful and for sure has some of the best gardens of the mansions.

  4. I love Newport and did visit Rosecliff once. Hard to believe that most of those "shacks" were summer homes! Haven't had cheesecake in any form for a long time. These look so delicious. I'm partial to blueberries so will have to try these. Thanks!

    1. I had never had cheesecake with blueberries - always with strawberries or raspberries. It was very refreshing!

  5. I love Newport, too, and have visited Rosecliff. The individual cheesecakes are such an elegant dessert.

    1. They would be much easier for a party than making a large cheesecake.

  6. I've never been to Newport, but I've seen photos of the beautiful summer "cottages." I love the idea of individual cheesecakes, and the brandy whipped cream sounds yummy.

    1. I've been to the mansions three times and each time they are just as breath-taking. So gorgeous.

  7. I love cheesecake! And brandy cream sounds like an interesting addition!

  8. The Rosecliff looks so beautiful!
    This recipe looks delicious! Blueberries and cheesecake are a wonderful combination. And who doesn't love fresh whipped cream! Yum!


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