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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Movie Review: King Arthur

King Arthur
Touchstone Pictures
126 mins.
July 7, 2004
Rated: PG-13/R

The untold true story that inspired the legend…

I enjoyed this retelling of the mythology of King Arthur and his knights. This movie really made efforts to set the film firmly within the end of the Roman occupation of Briton. Unlike many King Arthur tales, Arthur is not a medieval knight – he is instead a Roman officer – but it was a change that I could still find believable. Guinevere I had a mixed reaction to. I liked that she was a strong woman and was warrior like – however I didn’t believe some of the details of her family (without giving anything away). Merlin, I didn’t really love. He was the leader of the “pagan” people but he really didn’t have too much of a role in this movie. I thought that Clive Owen was a great choice for King Arthur – brooding, strong and in conflict with his internal emotions. Keira Knightly plays a warrior woman as well as she plays debutantes.

The battle scenes were awesome. There are two big battles, one on the ice and one near the Wall, and both were well shot and well acted. They were not that brutal or gruesome appearing but alluded to. There is also one sex scene but again it is not explicit.

This was another film from the great Jerry Bruckheimer and it very much feels like his films. The cinematography and setting is beautiful. Although they moved the setting of the film to Roman occupied England from the traditional medieval England, they created a world that totally worked for it. Not being all that familiar with the time period, I can’t speak to historical accuracy – I’m going to assume some creative license was taken – but it was good enough to convince me!

Although this isn’t my favorite retelling of King Arthur, it was good entertainment in my opinion and my boyfriend enjoyed it too.

Check out this trailer:

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  1. I haven't seen the entire movie, but what I seen seemed very well. I can't remember though...was there a Lancelot in this version? I may have to finally finish this film! Maybe that'll be my next Movie of the Week...

  2. I saw this version quite some time ago, and liked the different take on the Arthur legends. Don't remember too much about Merlin, but Owen was fantastic as was Knightly.

  3. Carole Rae - There was a Lancelot but I don't remember him well!

    Jenny - I agree with you about Owen and Knightly!


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