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Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Review: Road from the West by Rosanne E. Lortz

Road from the West by Rosanne E. Lortz
Book 1 of The Chronicles of Tancred 
ARC, Paperback, 374 pages
Madison Street Publishing
September 2, 2011
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Genre: Historical Fiction

Source: Received from the author as part of Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tour
“A tale of Courage, Conquest, Intrigue, and Honor.

You've heard of the Knights Templar, you've heard of Richard the Lionheart—now learn the story that started it all with the adventures of the First Crusade.

Haunted by guilt from the past and nightmares of the future, a young Norman named Tancred takes the cross and vows to be the first to free Jerusalem from the infidels. As he journeys to the Holy Land, he braves vast deserts, mortal famine, and the ever-present ambushes of the enemy Turks—but the greatest danger of all is deciding which of the Crusader lords to trust. A mysterious seer prophesies that Tancred will find great love and great sorrow on his journey, but the second seems intent on claiming him before he can find the first. Intrigues and passions grow as every battle brings the Crusaders one step closer to Jerusalem. Not all are destined to survive the perilous road from the West.”

When you think of the Crusades you typically think of Richard I, but there were several other Crusades as well. In The Chronicles of Tancred series by Rosanne E. Lortz we follow the titular character of Tancred through the adventures and triumphs of the First Crusade. We follow our band of characters from Italy through Constantinople and, by the end of book 1, on to Antioch. The First Crusade was not merely just a quest to bring the Holy City back into the fold, but to recapture and take back many other important cities along the way. There were many different reasons to go on Crusade – increased wealth, glory, becoming a ruler of a city, and holy reason among others. This was not something that I had conceived of when thinking about the Crusades.

My issue with this book was with the characters – I didn’t feel emotionally connected with many of them and weren’t really sure of their motives. Even Tancred, our title character, I didn’t feel convinced of his zeal to go on Crusade. There are very few female characters, which is understandable for the setting of this book, but those that were present I felt were wasted a little bit. I really was starting to enjoy the character of Alexandra early on, but then she became a little bit of a sop. I have heard that in the second book, Erminia, who we meet toward the end of the first book, becomes a much more prominent character, and I hope to enjoy her more.

By the end of the book I was really looking forward to finding out what would happen next to our band of travelers as they move toward Jerusalem. I would like to learn more about what happens on this First Crusade. As I know this is a trilogy, I expect the characters will grow and become more distinctive, but I was hoping to have a little more of a connection with them after the first book.

There will also be two other books in The Chronicles of Tancred series: Flower of the Desert and Prince of the East.  If you would like to preview the story before reading it, why not try out this excerpt of the book?

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  1. Hmm...not sure about this one. I think it's because I am burnt out on the Crusades. Plus I like interesting female characters along the way.

  2. I would have to agree...I have read books lately that are about the crusades..good honest review..I also like to read a book that has women in it..Lol..there had to be camp followers in the Crusades right??

  3. Jenny - this was my first real Crusades book - and it was just a little dry. I have a feeling that there is a strong female character in book 2 but she was minor in book 1.

    CelticLady - They mention the camp followers in passing and there are maybe 3 women that have any role of any amount of significance - but it was very much a male dominated novel.

  4. I appreciated your comments, Heather -- I'm about a third through it and noticed the distance I feel from the characters. :/ We'll see if I click eventually.


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