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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Suddenly Sunday - Short Week Here

Hello Everyone!  Hope you have been having a great weekend.  Today is really my first weekend day because I had to work overtime yesterday morning.  I'm excited because I leave for San Diego this Friday for the Historical Novel Society conference!  Yay!  Getting up at 4 AM to catch my flight...not so awesome...but I will survive.  So this week I will spend getting ready for my trip.  I bought some awesome new luggage - it is magenta pink with big white polka dots - you won't miss that thing coming off the baggage claim!  I haven't flown in the last couple of years - any tips that I should know from recent fliers?
So it will be a shortened week here.  I will have posts going up through Thursday and then it will be quiet until probably sometime Monday afternoon.  I get back home at like 9 AM and then there will be some napping, so I should have my Mailbox up in the later part of the day - if I get anything, haha.  I will certainly tell you all about it in the following Suddenly Sunday post.  While at HNS I will probably be tweeting about the event - so if you want to follow along and don't already follow me on twitter you should do so this week!

Also, I have a winner to announce from the big Armchair BEA Victoria Holt 3 book giveaway.  The winner of this lovely book bundle is Rachel W!  Congrats, you have won an awesome prize!  I will be emailing you for your mailing info soon.  If I don't hear from you within 7 days I will pick a new winner.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!  Doing anything fun?

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  1. I can't wait to hear all about the HNS conference! Have a fabulous time!

  2. Have a great time at the NHS conference! I can't wait to hear about it.

    I'm heading out to a medieval festival today, complete with jousting :-)

  3. Count me as one who will be living vicariously through your tweets :)

    As for the travelling I always wear sandals and no jewelry to the airports so I get through the security checkpoint faster. My hubby is always that guy who thinks the rule about taking off your shoes and taking your laptop out of the case applies to everyone but him. Argh! Anyway I hope you have a fabulous time!

  4. Can't wait to hear about the Historical Fiction Conference news....that's awesome!

    As far as flying tips, I always bring a comfort read and a new book with me on the flight. And just give yourself plenty of time -- long lines and security checks can try your patience, so try to keep calm and breathe deeply! Have fun! :)

  5. Marg - thanks! I'm sure it will be awesome.

    Melissa - thanks! Your medieval festival sounds like fun. I try to go to one like that every few years.

    Holly - Hope I can fulfill your tweeting needs! Anything I can do to get through security without problems is a plus!

    Joanne - I'm hoping to have a new book to read on the plane. It is going to be a long trip for me. I have to go all the way from East Coast to West Coast with an almost 2 hour layover in between (both ways). So there should be some good reading time.

  6. Have fun at the conference!
    The only advice I can give is this:

    *pack snacks in your carry on/handbag, like pretzels or candy
    *wear flip flops because your feet swell in flight
    *I always try to sleep right after take off because then it makes the last bit of the trip easier.

    Good luck and have fun :)

  7. Jenny - I think I'm going to take your advice on the flip flops - if for nothing else but going thru security. And I have already bought my snacks!

  8. Congratulation, Rachel W. Enjoy.
    The HNS conference sounds good. San Diego os a nice place .


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