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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Armchair BEA - Blogging Relationships!

Blogging relationships. Oh where would we be without blogging relationships?

When you first think of blogging you think of it as a solitary enterprise – I know I sure did. When I was first staring out, a little over 2 years ago, I never imagined that people would actually find and read what I was writing in my little corner of the world. But surprise! I was wrong! At its heart, blogging is really all about the community that is created surrounding your blog and the relationships that you make with each other that stem from what you write.

It was so wonderful to meet many of you at BEA last year and certainly at Book Blogger Con – I mean what better way to meet people who do the same things you do?! I have appreciated getting to know you better – whether it is through the type of content and style that you choose for your blog or through the Sunday Salon/Suddenly Sunday type posts you do that reveal things that are going on in your life. We come together because of our love of books, but we stay together because of the things that we have in common and the things that we share with one another.

One of the relationships that has meant the most to me that grew out of this blog has been getting to know the ladies who put together our blog, the Historical Fiction Round Table: Arleigh (historical-fiction.com), Lizzy (Historically Obsessed), Allie (Hist-Fic Chick), Marie (The Burton Review), Lucy (Enchanted by Josephine), Susie (All Things Royal), and Amy (Passages to the Past). This group blog grew out of our respect of each other’s individual blogs and the camaraderie that we all had about Historical Fiction as a genre. Every day when I would come home there would usually be several emails from the ladies going back and forth discussing some topic. Sometimes it would be about a book we all happened to be reading, other times it was about content for the blog, and other times it was just to vent frustration about things that were happening in our personal lives. None of us had met each other but we knew so many things about each other and really became good friends. I have since been able to meet Allie, last year at BEA, and from the moment we actually met it was like we had been friends forever. We have even teamed up as roommates this year for the Historical Novel Society conference in June.  We have been there for each other through many situations over the last 2 years and I especially want to thank Arleigh, Lizzy, and Allie for helping me through an especially devastating time for me over the last couple of months. Without their personal support it would have been much more difficult for me.

Relationships in the blogosphere are just as important as face-to-face relationships in the real world. You can make friends for life. Don’t let people knock the importance of the relationships created on a blog.

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  1. Well said! My husband doesn't quite get that I can have relationships with people I"ve never met - I refer to everyone as my book friends!

  2. I remember last year when we fast and furious with the emails, it was such a lot of fun!
    I am so glad you kept blogging, you always have something different going on, like TV shows and movies etc. I enjoy reading it very much! And again, I hope (& I know you will) you have a fabulous time at the HNS convention, that is the one convention I would love to go to. Hobnobbing with our favorite genre and their authors?! How cool is that! I can't wait to see those posts!

  3. oops..here's my BEA post for today.
    Have a fabulous day, and a great party weekend!

  4. This is a lovely post! I envy the great group of bloggers you connected with -- that's what I'm hoping will develop out of my blogging. And I'm glad to see the friendships are still going on strong!

  5. Daphne - My boyfriend didn't get it at first either, until he started his own blog, haha.

    Marie - The emails would get so crazy sometimes! I remember trying to answer them all the while new ones were coming in! Oh and believe there will be posts about HNS! Maybe I will get the chance to come down to Texas sometime!

    Audra - I'm sure you will develop some great relationships from blogging!


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